Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tiny Dancer

Oh my goodness.

Iyla had her first ever dance class this morning, and it was absolutely adorable and hilarious.

Firstly, as we were about to leave, she suddenly remarked "oh! I need my purse!" and proceeded to grab her little purple Sophia purse and sling it over her shoulder. Who was this child?!

My parents were in town and got to come along to watch:

When class time came, the teacher ushered all the little girls into the studio. The parents sat outside the room and watched the class via TV screen. There were 10 little girls in the 2-3 year old range and only ONE TEACHER.  Just as soon as that poor teacher would start an activity, some little one would run toward the door having to go potty (the teacher would open the door and call out to the parent) or the group would just start running astray.

Iyla's independent personality definitely came out, as she was frequently seen off to the side all by herself while the rest of the class participated! Hilarious.

Yep, that's my kid off to the left marching to her own drum. She was also the only little girl in blue, which she very specifically picked out!

Iyla pretty much spent the entire tap dancing segment doing her own thing, but come ballet time she did jump in for a few group activities:

One of the rare times the non participant WASN'T my child

After the group circle, Iyla and another little girl kept holding hands the! They cruised around circling the group hand in hand:

Iyla reported that she did have a lot of fun in class. I'm hoping that maybe next time she'll listen to the teacher a little bit….

So proud of my tiny dancer!