Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Birthday Party- 4 Years Old

We celebrated Iyla's birthday all weekend long, and it was so much fun!

On Friday night I asked her where she'd like to go for her birthday dinner, and without hesitation she said "Guero's" (a Tex-Mex spot), followed by Amy's ice cream. And so it was!

Happy girl eating her chocolate ice cream with "chocolate fudge."

On her birthday proper, Iyla had a blast watching as all the decorations went up:

She had breakfast out with Papa at Sawyer and Company- pancakes & chocolate milk- then returned home to anxiously await Mimi and Grampy's arrival and get into her official birthday dress.

Then it was time for the party to begin! Iyla had 5 little friends come, in addition to cousin Sammy and another little 1 year old named Hazel. As each friend arrived, we had them choose a princess dress to put on in an effort to unite the group. Our friends Andy & Lily came dressed as Cruella Deville and a dalmation which Iyla LOVED (and which I wish I would have gotten a photo of)!

All the little princesses! 
Left to right, Sabine, Iyla, Eila, Juliette, and Ada behind. Friend Fiona isn't pictured here.

After everyone arrived the girls played for awhile, and then Lily corralled the gang up into Iyla's bedroom for games & story time. She was an amazing helper!

At 4:30 the Tiny Tails to You petting zoo arrived, and everyone got to take turns holding little animals. It was a big hit and pretty hilarious. I felt bad for the woman running it, as the kids would each be handed an animal and within 30 seconds yell out "done!" and demand a different one. She was doing an amazing job multi tasking with all those 4 year olds.

 Iyla told me this white bunny was her favorite

Little Juliette was the exception to the crowd- she stayed seated the ENTIRE time and held each animal as long as she could. It was super cute.

After the petting zoo it was time for cupcakes!

On Sunday Iyla had a great time playing with all of her new toys and with Mimi and Grampy, who had stayed the night.

Eloise enjoyed the visit too!

   New toy pet dog named "Georgie"
 Play makeup

A new Froggie for her bath

Inflatable mini mouse ears

We took our first walk in the Double Bob on Sunday afternoon, and Iyla thought it was the most fun thing in the world! Happily Eloise slept through most of the stroll (vs crying). The two of them were so adorable riding side by side.

We then finished up the birthday weekend with more cupcakes and singing, of course!

Cupcake bliss

It melted my heart to see how thoroughly Iyla enjoyed each part of her birthday weekend. It was a wonderful celebration for our sweet 4 year old girl!

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