Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year's Halloween season has been so much fun, largely due to our almost 4 year old who adores dress up and everything having to do with make believe.

We kicked off the season with fall decorations (Iyla was SO excited to discover these!) and Halloween pajamas:

I had asked Iyla many times over the past couple of months what she wanted to be for Halloween, and she was unwavering in her desire to be a "Dalmation with no black eye." And so it was that costumes were ordered, and an early photo shoot/play time was had:

When it came time for Iyla's school Halloween party, she opted to mix it up and be a "Dalmation Princess:"

 School friends

Iyla's BFF shares the same name! Spelled Eila. 

Iyla also had fun putting on random princess dresses on nights we went out to dinner. Here, Minnie Mouse was my dinner date (don't mind all the food in our teeth!)

And when she got her gymnastics uniform at school, we had about 48 hours straight of her self proclaimed "Gymnastics Girl," who was styled with a superhero cape &  Mama's shoes. Iyla ate, slept, and played in that leotard!

On Halloween proper, Austin was having 90 degree temps- so I knew the dalmation costumes may not be the best choice. I got out ALL of our Halloween gear for Iyla to play with and go through toward her creating whatever hit her fancy for the evening. Here's a few shots of the fun we had with our wig collection:

Eloise kept looking up at the wig on her head, mesmerized

When it was time to finally choose a costume and commit, Iyla settled on being Princess Belle. I had gotten her a new Belle dress as a birthday present for her dress up collection, and decided to pull it out early for her- it was a big hit!

I then decided to try Iyla's old bee costume on Eloise- and lo and behold- it fit PERFECTLY. Note that Iyla wore that costume when she was 11.5 months old- and Eloise is THREE months old. Just another indication that BC and I have created a GIANT BABY.

 Iyla in the same costume at 11.5 months old!

We met up for dinner with friends at our local Launderette restaurant, then went Trick or Treating from there. Iyla had SO much fun, exclaiming after every house: "I got MORE candy!"

After hitting up several blocks of homes, we took a break to let her have one piece of candy before bed (she choose Skittles and loved them!). Meanwhile, baby sister slept through most of the candy hunting portion of the evening.

This morning all Iyla could talk about was her candy stash.... she cannot WAIT to dig back into it.

I'd say Halloween 2016 was a huge success! So.much.fun.

In closing, an adorable shot of Iyla in Day of the Dead gear at school this morning, sent by her teacher. Love this girl, and love this holiday!

Day of the Dead hair decorations from school

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