Saturday, January 28, 2017

Swimming and Sister Love

After 6 months of watching her big sister in the pool, Eloise had her very first swim lesson last week! She did very well. Her facial expression remained serious and curious throughout most of the class - toward the end I think she'd had enough water time, as she began to get a little fussy. Her favorite parts were when the teacher (our beloved Mr. John) sang songs- this kid definitely loves music!

Of course I had to take some photos to document this momentous occasion:

Her face! Looking annoyed at Mama's selfies. Or my impossible-to-contain cleavage.

Later that day, there was a whole lot of CUTE going down with Eloise and Iyla snuggling in the playroom. Those two truly adore one another!

And a few more of sweet Eloise for good measure:

Next week in swim class Eloise will go under water for the first time. I'm so curious to see if she ends up loving to swim as much as Iyla always has! Time will tell....

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