Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Foods

Last week at Eloise's 6 month appointment we got the green light to start trying out solid foods, so away we went!

This kid has been telling us in more ways than one that she was ready!
"If you won't give me solids, I'll just eat my toes, thank you very much."

With Iyla we had tried avocado as her first food, which she HATED it and continues to hate. Thus I decided with Eloise we'd start with more of a fan favorite: carrots. She LOVED them! This is a kid who appears to love anything that resembles food (up until now breast milk, formula, medicine, and vitamins)- so I was not surprised that she took to eating actual food with the same gusto.

After 2 days of carrots, I decided we should at least TRY avocado. I wouldn't say Eloise loved it as much as carrots (who can blame her? Avocados are pretty bland comparatively speaking)- but she definitely ate them much more readily than her big sister ever did.

Next up on the menu are sweet potatoes, which I suspect will also be a big hit.

Such a fun new adventure with our littlest lady!

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