Sunday, February 19, 2017


We depart for our annual trip to Wimberley in 3 weeks.  As part of the preparation I'd purchased and hidden a few new toys for Iyla that were meant to be revealed once we arrived to our rented log cabin home. This is something I've done every year, so she has some fun new items to enjoy while we are gone (and while I pack up pretty much ALL of her toys at home in anticipation of our SXSW renters!)

This year I'd hidden all items (a collection of small doggies, a collection of baby figurines, and 3 new books) in the back of our closet under several hats and behind a small toy chair.

While getting ready this morning, I noticed Iyla had disappeared and was nowhere to be found. It was SUSPICIOUSLY QUIET as I made my way through our bedroom searching for her. And lo and behold I finally found her in the back of the closet, staring with wonder at the package of small doggies.


As I walked into the closet I remarked something along the lines of: "oh no! Oh Iyla, those items were hidden because they are being saved as a special surprise for another time."

Her little face- I wish I could accurately capture it. She was quickly and keenly aware that she was into something she was not supposed to be into. She high-tailed it out of the closet with an expression of confusion and awe- and what I thought might be regret and possible sadness. So serious and stoic and wondrous was her face! I took her in my lap and explained that for special times like birthdays and trips sometimes Mama gets gifts ahead of time and has to hide them, and that I now realized I didn't do a very good job with choosing my hiding spot. I explained that we'd need to wait until our trip to Wimberley to play with those toys (which I qualified was still a long time away. Three weeks is a LONG TIME to a 4 year old!).

I asked her if she was feeling sad and she quickly defused the situation with a poop comment and giggle. She was obviously not damaged by the events! She appeared blown away by the fact that there was an incredible NEW TOY she really LOVED and WANTED hidden away that she had illicitly discovered and couldn't yet have.

Iyla is such an observant, intelligent kid. At Christmas she was already onto the fact that the Santas she saw around town were DIFFERENT PEOPLE and asked me if indeed there were a lot of Santas. I told her that yes, there ARE a lot of Santas! To which she matter of factly replied: "yes, but the Santa at the Driskill is the NORMAL ONE."


For now, I have promptly re-hidden all Wimberley toys in a spot that hopefully Iyla won't be able to find and that hopefully I'll remember to locate when we are finally packing for our trip!

I'm sure this won't be the last time hidden treasures are prematurely found- I'll definitely be upping my hiding game from this point on.

Oh Iyla Grace, you keep us on our toes in a good way! Now stop digging through Mama's things. ; )

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