Sunday, November 19, 2017


Holy hell was this a ROUGH week.

 Eloise's face says it all

Let's recap, shall we?

BC was out of town for 7 days.

Iyla was down for the count (and home from school for TWO days) first with pink eye and then with a virus that had (and still has) her bedridden with a fever.

Poor buddy also developed a random rash on her mouth
Eloise is in the height of separation anxiety, clinging to me at all times and making it near impossible to make meals or get anything done.

 Reasons my kid is crying? Because I stepped back to take this photo.
This separation anxiety is NO JOKE and NO FUN for anyone.

Then our nanny called in sick with a fever Friday. This saw me scrambling to get alternate care, as I had a full day of appointments set up. One of those appointments was a school tour for Iyla, which I knew another Mama friend was attending. We ended up having her babysitter (which was a newish one for her and one I'd never met!) come to our house to watch Iyla + Eloise + my friend's two boys. You know you are desperate when your only thought after leaving your children with a stranger is THANK GOD AND SEE YA LATER!

 They survived

Unfortunately I did not have help Friday afternoon, so decided to be brave and bring both girls to my eye exam.

What could go wrong?


I had thought that by bringing snacks and toys and videos Eloise would stay occupied, but I had underestimated the power of SEPARATION ANXIETY. Holy hell. That kid was on my lap the entire time either fussing or squirming or grabbing ALL THE EQUIPMENT. There was NO way she was going to let me set her down.

Also? I got a traffic citation for looking at my phone while STOPPED AT A RED LIGHT.

Also? I had no less than FOUR ocular migraines throughout the week.

Also? To add insult to injury it was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday, and here I was completely trapped at home due to being solo with a sick kid.

 How poor Iyla spent the majority of the day while I tried to keep an energetic 15 month old entertained.

This Mama is SO DONE.

BC got home late last night, and I'm taking the day to breathe, run errands, & attempt to replenish from a week that drained every.last.ounce of my reserves.

All I can say is I SURVIVED.

Serenity now

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