Monday, June 25, 2018

23 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, you are now 23 months old!

This past month you've started speaking in complete sentences, had your first trip to the ER, and have loved interacting with "friends" at your sweet little school.

You continue to have fire in your belly, and are extremely vocal when you do NOT want to do something. It usually takes me doing a lot of creative negotiating to get you on board with something you don't want to do, and when you do finally get on board, your whole demeanor changes and you'll say "ok, I'm ready!"

Here are your official 23 month old updates!

How old? 23 months.

How big? You were weighed at your ER visit, and came in just a smidge over 29 pounds! You are extremely tall and have a long torso, so I am now buying size 3T clothes for you- though you can fit into shorts that are 4T and 5T. You are moving into a size 7 shoe and 3t pull ups.

Words? You are now speaking in complete sentences! Some of your expressions this past month include "don't have to," "I'm hungry," and "I like it!" or "don't like it." You are always very concerned when other kids are crying, and will say things like "Emmitt sad!"

One of the cutest mispronunciations you have is "BOOPS," which is how you say "boots!"

Food? You continue to love and eat pretty much anything! You tried blistered shishito peppers for the first time yesterday and exclaimed "I like it!" The only thing you are not into is broccoli, and overall are a bit less exuberant for vegetables.

Potty? No changes here- you still do #2's almost exclusively on the potty, and will go #1 if you have to go when you sit- but are happy to go in your diaper if more convenient!

Sleep? I have a new sleep routine that's been working for us this month! When you have your milk, you like to sit BY SELF on your chair while I rub your feet. When the milk is done, I sit next to you and snuggle, singing two songs. Then we move you to your bed for a 'silly song'- which equates to me carrying you upside down to your bed, then laying next to your bed for a 3rd song. When that finishes, I stand outside your door- which is open a crack- and sing two more songs (you want Twinkle and Row Row Row most times).

You go to bed between 7-7:30 and wake up around 7:30. You nap from 12:30-2/3:30 depending on your day!

Favorite things?

*You LOVE animals! Dogs are your very favorite, closely followed by "meows" (cats).

*Swimming. You just started a new level of swim class where I no longer get into the pool with you! You were a bit skeptical during the first class, but by the 2nd class were happy to jump in with your teacher Mr. John. Here are some photos of your first classes:

Other favorite things include playing chase, rough housing, music/singing, and playing with tiny beads (which you love to string onto pipe cleaners!)

Here are a few more photos from your past month:

We love you so much sweet Eloise Jane! Happy 23 months to you.

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