Thursday, June 7, 2018

2nd Kid, 2nd Set of Stitches

You may recall the Infamous Easter of 2015 when Iyla- overtired from the day's events- fell while running into her bed, splitting open her chin and spending 5 hours in the ER to get 5 stitches.

Well, Eloise has now (unfortunately) followed suit- joining the infamous Toddler Stitches Club.

It happened this past Sunday, June 3rd. We had arrived home from a fun-filled weekend in Houston to celebrate our nephew's High School graduation. We were all pretty exhausted, and Eloise promptly went down for her nap.

After naps BC took over playing with both girls while I got some work done. While they were downstairs, at around 4:30pm, I heard noises no parent ever wants to hear: a huge THUD followed by wailing, followed by BC running up the stairs with Eloise. Apparently she had fallen off one of our kitchen bar stools (BC didn't witness it) and had a pretty deep gash on her chin.

So, instead of a family dinner out we quickly rang a family member to come stay with Iyla while BC and I hightailed it to the local ER.

After the initial fall & crying, Eloise was totally fine- having a great time in the hospital waiting room eating her pouch and watching the fish:

And an added bonus: we got an update on her weight! Holy cow this 22 month old is already 29 pounds. For reference, 5.5 year old Iyla is only around 35.5 pounds herself! Crazy.

We spent a lot of time in our treatment room waiting. Waiting for the nurse to take Eloise's vitals. Waiting for another nurse to put on the numbing cream bandage. Waiting for the 1st doctor to examine her wound. Waiting for the 2nd supervising doctor to examine her wound. Then waiting for the actual stitches to take place. All told, we were there around 3 hours- which to us, wasn't so bad compared to Iyla's 5 hour visit!

We spent our time walking the halls, playing with hospital toys, and watching videos on an iPad. Eloise's very favorite thing was wearing a pair of hospital surgical gloves!

 For sedation, Eloise had a numbing patch on her chin and was also given a shot there (which she didn't even feel!). They also administered a nasal narcotic to help relax her, which was pretty hilarious. She was a trooper for the 3 stitches, and held still really well (which I was shocked by!)

 Showing her gloves to the doctor

 All done!

She went to bed pretty well, and was all smiles the next day- where we were right back at it with school, dress up, & plenty of jewels.

Eloise always wants to follow in Iyla's footsteps, and chin stitches would NOT have been my first choice for this following! Alas, now both girls can compare chin scars and stories as they grow up.

So hoping this was our LAST ever trip to the ER!

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