Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Fertility Journey in Books

I was looking through all of the books I've acquired in the last 2 1/2 years of our fertility journey. They definitely speak to the crazy roller-coaster ride we've been on, with all its ups, downs, & unexpected turns. So here they are, presented as a sort of literary auto-biography.

The Optimistic Pre-Conception through First 6 - 8 Months TTC Phase:

                               Because I thought we'd have this luxury!

                                  Learning to chart & observe my cycles

See? So optimistic!

The "Unexplained Infertility" Fear Based Phase- Months 12-24
(These are incredibly embarrassing to buy in person, which is why many were found online and much of my research on this realm happened through TTC forums)

I know, I know- corny. But they have also struggled with infertility, and write about it in a very raw, candid way.

The "I Don't Want to Think About Fertility" Phase, interspersed throughout Months 12- Current:

LOVED this collection of essays by all different moms- helped me get forward thinking toward my life and occupations, and out of my fertility PRE occupations

The Searching/Spiritual Phase: Months 18-Current:

 Love love LOVE this book and actually had a session with it's author before his passing

I am looking forward to a whole NEW pile of books making its way into our home- books pertaining to pregnancy, baby's names, child development, etc. Until then, I have vowed not to pick up any more "Infertility" books, as I am committed to moving beyond the Fear Based Phase.  I'll continue to have about 5-10 different books in my nightstand at any given time- a mix between the "I Don't Want to Think About Fertility" and "Searching/Spiritual" Phase selections.  : )

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