Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pregnant Dreams

I had a pregnant dream last night- one where everyone BUT me was pregnant. In the dream my fertility clinic was located in the children's clothing section of a department store (because that makes total sense). Upon leaving my appointment, I noticed a girl I had gone to high school with shopping. I did everything I could to avoid her, but she singled me out saying "you must be pregnant!" She pointed to her own belly knowingly, where a pregnant pooch had begun.

Pregnant Prom Queen?

Suddenly, I was circled by girls I had gone to high school with, ALL with huge pregnant bellies. I vividly remember seeing the multiple outie belly buttons outlined against too tight shirts. It was mortifying and suffocating. I was about to burst into tears when....

There they were. Katie Holmes and Suri, browsing the racks. Thinking to myself that Suri was a bit homely in person, I used the distraction as an opportunity to escape.

Thanks ladies! Suri, sorry you were so homely in my dream.

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