Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Vision Board

I created a vision board for the first time ever last year, and it proved to be an unexpectedly fun outlet for me.  I almost never make time in my daily life for arts and crafts, so this is a great opportunity to be purposeful both in accessing my creative talents AND in working to manifest what I want to bring into my life for the coming year.

Last year's board can be seen here. Looking back, the items that pop off the page to me are the $$ signs and the Star Power!, Express Yourself, and Babies! words/phrases.
**$$$: I did have a fantastic 2011 in Real Estate (up from a tough 2010 when Austin finally felt the recession's effects). Check.
**Star Power!: I filmed an episode of HGTV's House Hunters (which should be airing soon- eek!) Check.
**Expressing Yourself:  I worked oh so hard on finding my voice last year, working to become authentic and direct in my speech and release passive aggressive tendencies. Check.
**Babies!: I even squeaked in a December pregnancy at the 12th hour! Check.

I desire much of the same for 2012:
**In the finance department I want to enact more financial freedom, independence, and balance. This may be one of my last full time years in Real Estate before children come, and I want to make it count!
**Star Power? Not needed again on the National level- but I do sincerely hope to be a Rock Star to all the lovely clients I am lucky enough to work with this year.
**Expressing Myself- still a HUGE one for me in 2012. I want to continue to release fear around speaking my voice- fear of authority, fear of conflict -and commit to abandoning any residual passive aggressive tendencies.
**Babies? YES PLEASE. Let's get them to come and stay this year.

Creating my vision board ends up being a week ++ event for me, broken down into several parts.

1. Collect all my US Intellectual Magazines and start cutting out photos & words that catch my fancy
  **I would cut things out between work emails/calls. Cue me to being absolutely mortified one day when my broker called me on FaceTime--running into our living room to take the call, lest he see the mess of magazines scattered over my client files!
2. Purchase poster board & a glue stick
3. Create the first layer of the board- the background
  **I was shocked -yes, SHOCKED- to find myself being drawn almost exclusively to shades of turquoise and blue for the background. I never gravitate toward blue for anything (clothes, decorating, etc) so was curious about this sudden desire. I then had my "AHA" moment when I made the connection that BLUE was the color associated with the throat/5th chakra, which is completely related to expression and finding one's voice. 2012's lesson was loud and clear!
4. Scatter all pictures and images around and arrange them on the board according the the Bagua Map layout.
5. After pictures are in place, scatter all the words around and group them into phrases that speak to 2012's goals.

Here is the evolution in pictures:

 2012- The Year of Blue

 Images emerge

 My oh so helpful assistants thoroughly enjoyed the process

 Those circles near Otis' rear are all 5th chakra symbols

 Organizing words

 Behold! May these visions become reality.

Exhausting work

I do realize this kind of thing isn't for everyone, and how "frou-frou" it can all seem. This was highlighted to me when an acquaintance stopped by the other day to drop off some paperwork. She took one look at the explosion of images/words on the floor and asked what was going on. I took her to view last year's vision board on the wall, to which she noted all the words pertaining to "babies." I then awkwardly word vomited all over this unsuspecting girl, something along the lines of "yeah- we've been trying to get pregnant for a long time and actually did get pregnant last month but sadly miscarried. Hoping to bring those babies back this year!" 

That poor girl could.not.leave.fast.enough. Whoops. At least I was authentic and direct in my communications, right? 

Bring it, 2012!

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