Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3 Months Old!

Iyla Grace is 3 months old today! Here are her updates:

How old? 3 months old

How big?  Since we don't have another official doc visit to take her measurements until 4 months, I bring you photo documentation of Iyla's first 3 months' growth as compared to our kitty Sam:


*This past week Iyla found her hands and cannot.stop.sucking them.

*Just today she started watching her feet!

*While observing my face she has started shifting her gaze from my eyes to my mouth (best when it is talking or making silly sounds) then up to my eyes again.

*I think I've tricked her into tolerating (dare I say enjoying?) tummy time! I've been laying her on the My Breast Friend pillow facing an array of her stuffed animals, and that girl goes to town chatting away at them. It is a mix between complaining then cooing/wooing as she bobs her head around.

Tummy Time with her friends
(sorry this is turned funky!)

*Her first shift sleeping continues to be the longest, between 6-9 hours.

*She usually goes down between 7-8pm. I change her diaper, nurse her, turn out the lights, turn on the fan, swaddle, & sing songs. About 50% of the time she passes out with no pacifier needed, the other 50% she humors me when I lay her down, sucking vigorously on that paci.

*If she isn't sound asleep when I lay her down (or even sometimes when she is!) there is usually about an hour of the "let's spit out the pacifier and make Mama reinsert it over and over and over again" game. This is part of Iyla's finely attuned Baby Radar- the SECOND I think she is out for the night and I start reading or watching TV or checking emails, etc- it's out with the paci!

*After her first long sleep she'll wake to nurse and *typically* goes back to sleep easily.

*She usually pops up awake again an hour after going back to sleep (boo). Not super fun for me when that pop happens between 2-6am! At that point we commence the 'reinsert the pacifier' game, which Iyla always wins.

*When daylight creeps in (around 7am) she is up for the day- all smiles- initially for the ceiling fan, then for her Mama and Papa.

*This week she has been peeing in her baby potty first thing in the morning- but not again the rest of the day.

*I also just started putting her in footed sleepers for bedtime. I know- strange that I haven't been doing that all along! Typically I leave her day outfit on through the night; however, when I put together how many cute footed sleepers we have with the fact that I no longer change her diaper during the night (when she was needing to be changed multiple times during the night those sleepers annoyed me!) it made sense to unleash the pajama cuteness:

Iyla this morning, rocking the footed sleeper

Hot list:
*Jellycat baby books
*Stuffed animals
*Ceiling AC vents
*Babbling & cooing
*Her hands

Chatting with her lamb (don't mind my creepy voice saying 'soft' over and over)

Not so hot list:
*Sitting in her bouncy chair while Mama & Papa shower
*Moby wrap

Postpartum body: I am now 4 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight.... carrying much of that in a flotation device around my midsection. I am not leaking near as much during walks, and the addition of probiotics in my diet are definitely helping make things get *ahem* more regular.

What do I miss? I miss movie dates! Those are the one thing BC and I cannot do with Iyla. I am also craving a little getaway. BC and I have talked about possibly taking a night or two stay somewhere close to Austin, renting a little cottage in San Marcos or Wimberley for a weekend. Perhaps the outing to our own garage apartment next month will suffice- we'll be moving up there with Iyla & Sam for NINE nights as we rent our house out for the SXSW Music Festival.

Most looking forward to? Continuing to see Iyla's spirit & personality emerge! I can't wait to see her learn to sit up, crawl, start talking, etc. It's all so much fun to witness.

And here are some outtakes from today's photo shoot:

Happy 3 months sweet baby girl!


  1. GAH! I just melted all over my floor. That adorable baby. That adorable fluffy Sam. Sigh... Such a cute pair!

  2. Several of the movie theaters around us have a 'baby friendly' baby day and night. I haven't been, but worth checking in your area!