Friday, February 1, 2013

Put a Sling On It

We had friends stop by a few nights ago to help BC prep the yard for spring grass (as an aside- HOORAY for grass finally coming! We've lived with a dirt/mud pit out back for a couple of years now). My friend was asking about Iyla, and inquiring as to whether or not I used a wrap or sling with her?

Uh, not really.

I've tried the Moby Wrap a couple of times to very lukewarm reviews from Iyla. I think it has to do with the fact that she does NOT like being flat against my belly- she prefers facing out to see the world or lying on her side.

I also have a Maya Ring Sling, which comfortably holds her on her side, but have only pulled it out when Iyla is in full fuss mode as one step in the calming process.

So my friend's inquiry got me thinking: what if I tried Iyla in the sling when she wasn't fussing?

And.... she loved it.
(Maybe Beyonce can make an infant sling version?)

There are so many moments as a first time/new mom when you think you know what your baby likes & doesn't like, but I am constantly learning and Iyla is constantly changing, so my bad that I didn't discover this sooner. I seriously think it may have been helpful during the nightly witching hours to sling her BEFORE the fussies hit.

Wednesday night I had a happy hour planned with a couple Real Estate colleagues, so BC agreed to watch Iyla. I asked him to come home a little early so I could give him a sling tutorial. We adjusted everything to his height, and as he lifted an alert, curious Iyla into the pouch the smiles that this little lady beamed out were insane and led us into instant giggles. She LOVED it. It was as if she was stupefied that her Papa was baby wearing? Too, too funny. And all reports from the evening were that they had a grand 'ole time together- no fussing- Iyla feeling content & secure in her sling.


The sling isn't the most comfortable thing out there to wear, but a little discomfort goes a long way when your baby is content! I've been slinging her every evening since this discovery, and we are all a lot happier for it.

The other big change this week is that in addition to Iyla enjoying books for the first time (more and more! She smiles throughout the readings!) she has started to realize how cool her play mat is! I've been putting her on this every other day since around Christmas, and she hasn't been all that excited about it. But yesterday when I laid her down on it (in a new location by a window)- her little eyes LIT UP as she realized she was surrounded by cute toys! Her arms & legs were flailing with pure joy. It is so awesome to have new activities to do with her during her awake/alert times... and I can't wait to watch her get more and more interested in toys as she grows.

Ms. Bright Eyes discovers her play mat at 11 weeks old

I think Iyla is as equally relieved for this developmental milestone, because prior to it there wasn't much to do with her during playtime but dress her up... more fun for Mama than for her:

Step 1: take a cute baby

Step 2: start putting ridiculous things on her

"I hate tutus!"

Trying out the hand & foot rattles- not quite sure what to make of these yet

Sweet smiles on her play mat!

Hasn't yet noticed Mama's creepy reflection in the mirror....

And BAM! Great way to creep out your child

Posing with another yet-to-be-discovered toy

Sweet baby girl- can't wait to see what tomorrow's adventures bring!


  1. I used a carrier much, much more with Baby #2 than #1 (kind of a necessity; I needed those hands free for wiping #1's poopy butt, making a sandwich, etc!). Wish I'd gotten more comfortable with more types of carriers with #1.

    I think babies get a lot of comfort from being worn- they feel your heartbeat and breath, your body warmth, etc...and it's a cozy, safe place to take in the (sometimes overwhelming) new world. Of course, they like to be carried in arms as well, but that really limits what you can achieve in a day...

    Ezra took many a nap on my chest in the Ergo carrier for his first 6 months or so. This allowed me to keep up our outings with Noah, go on errands and not feel "held hostage" by the baby's unpredictable naptime. I was even able to surreptitiously nurse in the carrier, while grocery shopping! I felt like a secret superhero with that achievement.

    At about 6 months, I put him on my back and that opened up even more possibilities (and is generally, much more comfortable on my body). You will get strong wearing your little one!

    There is a babywearing group in Austin, where you can borrow different carriers from their "library," as well as get tips on what might work best for your baby's temperament and size, your torso length, etc.


  2. I wish Everleigh liked her moby but she hated it! And I always put her in it when she was calm and happy, and she would just swish into a ball like it was the most uncomfortable bone crushing device ever and try to nurse my neck even if she just ate. Then I was left trying to get myself out of 15 feet if wrap like Houdini to free myself to nurse her. I just returned it for the ergo, because if I don't get my hands free soon I'm gonna lose it! :) she likes her swing too, but I feel guilty sticking her in there for more than a couple hours a day. Hopefully the ergo works so I can spend more time hugging on her.

  3. I've learned that anything you think baby doesn't like, try it again a week or two later cause you just never know! I started out hating my Moby and hating my slings, then I fell in love with my Moby while traveling (so much easier to deal with than any other carrier when you're on a plane and can just leave it on!) then whipped out my slings randomly the other day to try out the hip hold, LOVE THEM NOW! Same goes for baby contraptions like swings and seats, if baby seems to hate them try them out a week later cause baby's change so quickly!