Monday, January 28, 2013

In Which I Get Pooped On

I worked all.weekend.long. And as such, Iyla worked much of the weekend as well, poor girl.

Working is for the birds

I had secured BC to watch Iyla from 12-4 Saturday, so I could take out buyers and also get a much needed massage. Then I had another client want to write an offer on a house we'd seen Friday afternoon, so I told her to come by at 10am before I left for my showings. When BC woke he wanted to confirm that I needed him at 12pm to start watching Iyla? I gently said "no, love- remember last night when I told you I now needed you to start at 10am?" I got some serious pickle faces and a bit of grumbling about how his yard & house chores would never get done. This balancing act is rough on us all! To his credit BC has been awesome about helping out as I merge back into the workforce... there just aren't enough weekend hours to get done everything we want to these days.

Then on Sunday my buyers wanted to go back and see a home a 2nd time, telling me to prepare offer paperwork. So Ms. Iyla had to get packed up for the 35 minute drive north... and was none too pleased to have to be present during the offer writing. It was actually quite comedic between my clients' 4 and 7 year old daughters whining & getting bored and Iyla fussing! But we got it done.

I hate writing offers

And here's where Iyla gets me back: on Saturday morning I sat her on her potty as usual and she did a #2 for the 3rd morning in a row (woot!). As I fumbled to try to get a wipe out of the dispenser, I lifted Iyla over my shoulder to have both hands free. She proceeded to pee ALL over me, the floor, and the Pack n Play. 

Touché, my dear... touché.

Then Sunday night I was feeling really exhausted from the weekend and thought I'd try to get Iyla to sit with me while I caught up on some TV (for the first time in a week!). She was sitting so peacefully when I heard the good 'ole rumble that accompanies her filling her diaper. Then two more rumbles came. I honestly didn't want to move since she was so zen & calm... I knew that changing her diaper would break the spell. Moments later I felt a warm sensation emanating from her bottom, prompting me to quickly rise. When I got up I had poop dripping down my shirt & leg & onto the floor. 

Good one, Iyla Grace!

Iyla is 11 weeks old today. After a couple of nights with 4-5 hour sleep blocks followed by shorter 2 hour blocks, last night she did something new: she slept for TWO long blocks! 8-1am, then 1:30-6:30am. It may have been due to the extra extreme fuss fest we had during her nightly witching hours... where she was inconsolably screaming for a good hour or more as BC and I took shifts trying to soothe her. I am SO hoping that the magical 12 week point sees us beginning to merge out of these nightly crying jags!

Iyla's moods can change on a dime... one minute she is smiling & cooing (usually at a ceiling fan or an AC vent)... and seconds later the little pout starts and she begins yelling at us. She is definitely an expressive little lady!

These photos were taken seconds apart

One thing that almost always calms the fuss is a walk. Iyla has a pretty strict 30 minute limit to her walk patience, but those 30 minutes are blissful for everyone present.

Calm waters, calm baby

The November Mamas Facebook group I'm a part of has a weekly "Mommy and Me Monday" photo prompt, where everyone takes & shares their pictures. I had a lot of fun taking a few with Iyla this morning. She was hamming it up in the mirror, charmed by the light reflections. Here are a few outtakes:

We had a lovely, quiet day today, making up for the busy weekend. Lots of snuggles and play time. I took Iyla up to her neglected lovely nursery during her wake times and realized she is starting to be interested in her baby books! And by interested I mean she actually stares at the pages for a couple of seconds before returning her gaze to the ceiling fan. 

I also had some fun at her expense trying on cute hats I've purchased for her.... to discover that most of them are still a bit big:

Really, Mom?

Sam joined in on the action... he loves to be wherever I'm at, and has also adopted the neglected lovely nursery as HIS room, taking to sleeping in its closet at night.

Iyla taking a little 'cat-nap'... ba-dum bum!

It felt so good to have a gentle, quiet day to recharge our batteries. Here's hoping that Iyla agrees, and will reserve her pooping for the potty from now on.

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  1. Oh how I love her funny little faces! I hope my doll is as animated and smiley as Iyla!

    Love her hat and leg Warmers! We have one pair, but definitely need more!