Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

I have been intending to write a post for days now, but Iyla's "Baby Radar" is extremely fine tuned. What is Baby Radar you ask? Well, it goes like this:

Baby appears to be sleeping soundly. I use this as an opportunity to:

*Make a phone call
*Use the restroom
*Return emails
*Start a blog entry
*Take a nap
*Start some yoga

Without fail, minutes into any said activity she is suddenly UP, fussing and wanting to be held. It amazes me. It's like a little sensor in her head says "Mama is not paying full attention to me! Wake!" And hence Mama doesn't get a whole lot done other than lots of baby cuddle time (which is lovely unto itself).

I am trying to be mindful of not trying to 'do' too much during this precious time with Iyla. Yesterday I was working to get our home & studio apartment updated on a vacation rental site, and found myself feeling frustrated when Iyla would continually wake... which isn't fair to her. THIS is why I am not sure I can saddle continuing to do real estate while caring for our little lady...  but that is a post for another time.

We had a lovely Holiday with family and friends. This year my family all came to Austin to celebrate, so we wouldn't have to make the drive to Houston. And Iyla got the opportunity to do what all good children should do when they first meet Santa Claus: cry!

And this was her very own Grampy, too! I admit I was the one adamant about someone needing to dress up this year so I could get a photo. Thanks Dad!

I had fun dressing Iyla up in her Holiday apparel. We typically live in onsies & leg warmers on a daily basis, since baby dresses tend to bunch up and be more annoying than anything else. But for the Holidays? Super cute.

With her Mimi

We ditched the hair bow partway through the evening when Iyla started getting fussy. Here's me intervening during her Santa meltdown.

Sweet photo with her adoring Grampy

I did manage to make my annual Christmas cookies thanks to the Moby Wrap, which in general Iyla isn't too keen on. But it did make for a handy apron!

One of the most fun gifts Iyla received was an activity play mat from her Mimi and Grampy. Within minutes of putting it together, Sam seemed to think it had been purchased especially for him:

"Aw, thanks Mimi and Grampy! I love my new play mat!"

 I put Iyla down to check out the new present. Sam wasn't too pleased.

 "But it's MY play mat, Sam!!!"

I even put the play mat on top of my desk to deter Sam from sleeping on it... and this is what I found later on that day. He's a crafty one!

I felt bad for Sam- who has admittedly had a hard time adjusting since Iyla came home and took over his Mama's attention. So I made a special trip out to find him his own new bed, which was met with great success!

It sits at window height, an easy view from where I perch at my desk. He likes to keep an eye on me!

Iyla has been doing really well. We hit some serious fussy patches last week- including two full days of fussing when she wasn't asleep or eating. I took it upon myself to cut out all dairy a little over a week ago, and I am hopeful that her more recent peaceful nature is a direct result. Prior to cutting this out, I could audibly hear her belly rumbling when she nursed, and she also did a lot of grunting at night. I know a lot of it is due to the normal immaturity of an infant's digestive system, but wanted to do what I could to help alleviate the distress while she is in the midst of it.

Another amazing accomplishment in the past week? Iyla is consisting doing a 5-8 hour stretch of sleep at night, which apparently qualifies as saying she is "sleeping through the night!" Amazing. The first 8 hour stretch was Christmas Day night, and since then we've had three 8 hour stretches, and a good handful of 6-7 hour stretches as well. She usually goes to bed around 8:30 (as do I!)- then will wake between 2:30-4:30 to nurse and go back to sleep. If she nurses at 2:30 sometimes she will wake one more time around 5:30. We then rise for the day around 7-7:30. I am liking this new schedule very, very much!

She has also woken up with a dry diaper several times- even after an 8 hour stretch! We then put her on the baby potty, which lately has about a 60-70% success rate. I think she must have inherited her Papa's camel-esque bladder to be able to last that long.

"Why yes, I do have an awesome bladder, thank you very much"

I am hoping to start work on 2013's vision board soon, highlighting the goals I'd like to manifest in the upcoming year. It may take awhile to compile, given Iyla's Baby Radar, and I will update the progress as able in subsequent posts.

Until then, I leave you with our sleeping beauty, who always seems to come up with the most precious poses while she slumbers:

Happy New Year!


  1. Oh my gosh, she is perfect. I live her angelic smile. So I see her with that pacifier toy quite a bit. When did you introduce that and Does it effect her feeding schedule? She's so small, and I was trying not to introduce pacifiers to my little one, but she's a great feeder, veracious at times and during a crazy cluster feeding frenzy when he fussed and just wouldn't sleep I popped a pacifier in her mouth out of desperation and it calmed her right down.

    Do they sell that in stores or online only?

    1. HI Lanie! I was nervous to introduce a pacifier too- but when Iyla was 3 days old and fussing at diaper changes we went for it, and it has never interfered with her nursing. She doesn't really suck on one a whole lot- just if she is fussing or during transitions. She ALWAYS spits it out the minute she is in a deep sleep.

      Those pacifiers are called "Wannanub" and you can find them on They are also in a lot of boutique baby stores, and I would assume also at places like Babies R Us. But for sure you can order some on Amazon. Hope all is going well with your sweet little one!

  2. I finally hit a computer so I can follow your blog and comment! (I am always on my phone....lazy). Iyla is adorable, and congrats on her amazing sleeps! We have had such good luck with sleep too - it really feels like parenting just gets easier when you have had a good stretch! I am loving her christmas dress, sooo cute!