Monday, January 7, 2013

A Daddy Day & Fun With Genetics

Iyla is 8 weeks old today! Funny that she isn't "officially" considered 2 months old until Saturday. Alas, I shall hold myself back from the 2 month photo shoot until later on this week.

Iyla has seemingly gotten into a nighttime routine the past few evenings, where she goes to bed at 8:30, wakes to nurse at 2:30, then is up again around 5:45. For the 5:45 feeding I've been "dream nursing" her- meaning I keep her swaddled, don't change her diaper, & just pick her up to nurse- then immediately put her back to bed. She never fully "wakes" and usually will then sleep until 7am.

Babycakes has been awesome lately at helping out with Iyla - allowing me to head out on weekends to run errands. This past weekend I actually worked! I took buyer clients out to see homes in a north Austin suburb. I go back and forth on my feelings with work on an hour by hour basis- it did feel good to be in work mode yesterday, and I figure I will just take clients on a case by case basis, always checking in with myself on how it is feeling. For now BC can help nights/weekends, and if I decide to dive in more than that we can look into part time help at our home.

One of my favorite things about BC watching Iyla is that he always texts me the sweetest pictures of their time together. Here is what I got this weekend:

Someone loves her Papa time!

A friend recently commented while looking at a photo of Iyla that she resembled me. Most people who meet her say she looks very much like BC (which I think too).... but I am *starting* to see some of myself in her. She looks to have my "moon eyes"- meaning when she smiles her eyes disappear in little half moon shapes. I also think she has my lips. She definitely looks like BC in her coloring, nose, & overall face... as well as having BC's hands and feet. It is so interesting to see how genetics play out with little ones! Just for fun I put a collage together with a couple Iyla pictures & one of BC and I... who do you think she resembles?

We had the first of BC's 6 siblings visit us this past weekend to meet Iyla. It was so sweet to see how much our 6 year old nephew just ADORED her! He informed us that no, he does NOT like babies... but his exceptions are his baby cousin Maggie and his baby cousin Iyla. Cue my heart melting.

In the next month three more of BC's siblings are making special trips to town to meet our little lady, and we can't wait! Those aunties & uncles are going to eat her up. She is one lucky little girl to have such wonderful family (on both sides!) surrounding her.


  1. Sweet pictures! I can definitely see both of you in Iyla.

  2. wow congrats on getting back to work a bit! I think I would love a little dress up like an adult time coupled with baby snuggled time in one hour increments! Also, I think Iyla looks like you! But it is definitely because of the moon eyes!

  3. She definitely has your eyes! Iyla is a blend of the two of you though. Sounds like thing are going great:)