Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Months Old!

Iyla Grace is 2 months old today! It's hard to believe she's only been on this earth that long-  in some ways it feels like she has been with us always.

How old? 2 months today

How big is baby? I did an unofficial weigh in on our scale this morning- looks like she is just at 9 pounds. We have her 2 month check-up Monday where we'll get her more official stats (and vaccinations- boo).

Baby milestones: Iyla is starting to smile a LOT in response to BC and I- it's the cutest thing. We get the most smiles while she is sitting on her baby potty- she loves it! Speaking of the baby potty, she is still doing great with that- now noticeably grunting when she goes. Hilarious.

Her eyesight has definitely improved, and she is tracking things more and more. She loves looking at ceiling fans, windows, and anything else with distinct light/dark contrast (like a wood door frame against the white wall).

Her legs are getting really strong- she now puts quite a bit of weight on them when held up. And the stretches she does when she wakes from naps are adorable! Add to those some old man grunts & she is almost constantly grounds for comic relief.

She has a pretty predicable bedtime routine now: down around 8:30, up 2x to nurse (usually around 2:30 and 5:30)- then up for the day around 7am. I've been catching a lot of beautiful sunrises lately! I tried transitioning her from her inclined Rock n Play to lying flat in her Pack n Play a few nights ago... and after the 2nd night of her waking up MUCH more often I have her back in the Rock n Play. We need all the sleep we can get around here! I realize at some point I am going to have to transition her back into her crib (and plan on having many nights of less sleep)... but for now I am just going to roll with whatever gets us the most Zzzzzs.

Iyla's current "HOT" list:
*Ceiling fans
*Being held
*Wannanub pacifier
*Her changing table
*Her baby potty
*Her Papa holding her hands
*Her Mama nuzzling her forehead
*Being sung to

Ceiling fan love caught on video

Her not so favorite things:
*Her carseat
*The 5-8pm hours
*Laying on her playmat for longer than 3 minutes
*Tummy time
*Having her neck washed (we call it her 'stink-neck.' Her Aunt Amy jokes that she is cooking up some roux in there.)

My postpartum body: I lost the majority of my baby weight in the first couple of weeks home, and have now plateaued at around 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I still have a muffin top, looking more normal from the side but definitely wider from the front. I am able to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans more easily, though they are still a bit tight. I am trying to get out for walks & get back into my Ashtanga yoga practice here at home. I definitely could use some toning up- there is a whole lotta jiggling going on right now!

5 weeks pregnant vs 2 months postpartum

I am about 3 weeks into cutting out dairy, eggs, & soy... and also trying to avoid tomatoes, onions, broccoli, & beans. I'd like to think they are helping Iyla- though she is still having nightly "witching hours," where after 5pm she sometimes breaks into screaming cries for seemingly no reason at all, other than to release the stress of her day. The diet restrictions make it super hard to eat out, as almost everything contains diary or soy! I've been consuming many, many salads with grilled chicken lately.

What I miss: I miss eating whatever I desire. I also miss being able to run out on a moment's notice- for a jog, an errand, a happy hour, etc. BC's sister is in town this weekend visiting, and last night we were planning to all go out to dinner together after she arrived on her 5pm flight. However, when her flight got delayed to 6:30, it ruled Iyla and I out from being able to join, given that is just before her bedtime and the height of her fussy period (and boy did she fuss last night!). I was really bummed to miss out.

Most looking forward to? I am looking forward to Iyla's 3 month milestone, when I hear babies' fussiness tends to get much better. I am also looking forward to continuing to watch her developmental milestones- we are so amazed by this little creature, and so, so in love! Makes all the things I miss totally worth it.

I leave you with Iyla's 2 month photo shoot:


  1. Great pictures! Sorry for the witching hours in the evening, I hope they do get better quickly.

    You are looking great too! I'm 4+ months out and still 6,6 lbs up from pre-pregnancy weight, but not worrying about it yet. I'm still breast feeding and I know it took 9 months to get there, it can take a while to get off.

    Oh, and my boy doesn't like his neck washed either, even if he loves baths and getting his bum washed.

  2. Two months! It goes by so fast! She's adorable!

  3. LOVE the could be mine. I swear we have these same videos, her staring at the fan and me talking in a gushy gushy voice - too cute. Iyla is gorgeous. And at 11 weeks we are just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel fussy-wise, we have now had 5 WHOLE nights without fussing for hours at a time!

  4. You look great at 2 months post-preggo! And what a cutie patootie your baby is.