Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's!

Iyla and I started our day with a coffee shop breakfast date. She woke up halfway through the visit- which always causes me a moment of panic (will she start fussing and cause us to high tail it outta there?) Happily this girl was all smiles before conking out again:

We had an interesting night last night. I decided to try putting Iyla to sleep in her Pack n Play lying flat, vs her normal Rock n Play which is inclined. She fell asleep quickly & soundly, but within an hour we were playing the 'reinsert the paci' game. I put her down initially around 7:30p,, and at 11:30 she was UP! Boo. This girl usually sleeps at LEAST 6 hours her first stretch, so this didn't bode well. I nursed her and laid her back down, and we got into a very heated 30 minute paci game that had me really wondering if Iyla would be sleeping in her Rock n Play until she moved out of the house. Every time I thought she was finally asleep and I started drifting off myself she was UP AND NEEDED THE PACI BACK IN NOW! The pacifier falls out & away much more easily when a babe is flat on her back.

Finally around 12:15am I put her in the darn Rock n Play again. That little one passed out immediately and stayed there until 6:45am! I did insert the paci at a few intervals throughout the night- but just one insertion at a time and she was out again. I felt more rested than I have in days, since the paci game happened earlier in the evening. 

So the new bedtime plan? Lying her to sleep initially in the Pack n Play, then after the first wake/nursing transferring her to the Rock n Play. We'll see how it goes! I'm hopeful her shifts lying flat on her back will get longer and longer as she gets used to sleeping like that again.

And what fun is having a baby if you can't subject them to a Holiday photo shoot?

Happy Valentine's blogger friends!

 Those would be my toes. I am so not a professional photographer!

 Our tiny flasher

Are we done yet?


  1. First of all, you have the best clothes and accessories for your daughter. Where do you get all these cute things?!

    Second, I still haven't commented on your last post, which I really wanted to do but I have to comment here first and say that I got the Rock and play idea from you and omigosh my life and sleep has been changed forever! It is a godsend. Love it! My baby won't sleep on her back.

    I like you want to get her in her crib or pack and play by 3 months (might as well just go straight to crib, so in not transitioning again I suppose, and this has worried me. I don't know if she'll so it, but I like the idea of bringing her back in the rocks and play and doing it slowly.

    Ever will not take a paci, and it is so frustrating with a fussy baby in public, When people ask of I have a paci for her and I have to just be honest and say, she just really likes the boob I think I'll stick her on again. Or at nihht when i have to nirse her downfor hours until ahes super sleepy when i could just pop in a paci. But hearing the paci game, I'm glad we don't have to worry about that.

    1. Aw, thanks Lanie! What a sweet message. Yes- there are so many moments when I want to chuck that pacifier out the window! Iyla loves chewing on her hands too now, but I swaddle her at night so she doesn't have the option yet. : )

  2. My boys are just 2 weeks older than your Lyla and I can relate to the wonder of the Rock N' Play! Both of my sons spent their first 3 months sleeping in something other than a crib -- I'm sure it has much to do with acid reflux, which our ped says all babies have to some degree. One of my sons still sleeps in the rock n' play due to his reflux issues combined with swallowing problems (long story) but the other twin is now in the crib on his back full time. I've been told that it's very normal for babies to need a long transition into the crib but as long as you're trying a bit every day you're doing right by them. And once she can roll over on her own you can unswaddle her and she will sleep on her belly and then she'll sleep a LOT more soundly in her crib.

    Loving the photos, by the way!