Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Day Busted Tinker Bell Wings Broke Me

Today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. Nothing was catastrophic, mind you, but it was a day in which busted Tinker Bell wings were the thing that finally broke me.

First, a little background.

Last Sunday I got a migraine that has lingered in pulsating temple pain all.week.long. Add to that our nanny having an adverse reaction to dental anesthesia and having to take the first 3 days of the week off. When you count on having that help to work and take care of home chores, responsibilities start to pile up quickly.

BC and I have also both been sleeping poorly. I am an insanely light sleeper by nature, habitually sleeping with a fan turned up to turbo speed. For some reason this week BC has been snoring & tossing a lot more than normal (allergies?), which causes me to continually wake & shift, and my shifting then causes him to wake. And so on and so forth. I was really in need of a good night's sleep.

Back to today.

Today started at 3am with flashing lights and another migraine. Any hope of a restful night quickly flew out the window.

Our nanny was back (thank goodness!) after her dental hiatus, and just as I was opening the front door to greet her, there was a knock at our back door. The contractors had arrived. They have been here every day for the last 2 weeks, working on a series of odd jobs for BC. Today was the day they'd be working on the laundry room remodel- a project that was entirely my idea.

I left Iyla and the nanny at the front door and ran back through the house to let the contractors in.  I was anxious with the news I had to deliver - that the custom built bottom shelf unit they'd made and installed in the laundry room the day prior was just…. too small. It needed to be about 6 inches longer. This was not their fault, but rather an issue with my leaving the design process in their trust without knowing much about what final dimensions would look like. I felt like a jerk having to ask them to rebuild it, but also knew it had to be done.

In the middle of this awkward conversation, with Iyla now fussing at my feet in the tiny laundry room (where was the nanny?), I hear BC shouting to me from upstairs- asking why I'd let the stray outdoor cat in the house? Apparently when the nanny and Iyla were at the front door the cat had run in and raced upstairs. Awesome.

Thirty minutes later I finally got out of the house and had my one nice reprise of the day, catching up on a week's worth of loose ends with work, bills, home studio AC research, etc.

I then headed out to visit my chiropractor in the hope of relieving these persistent migraines. I was met with a line out the door, as this chiropractor doesn't take appointments and operates on a first come, first serve basis. Apparently I wasn't the only one coming for a visit today, and didn't have the time or energy to wait over an hour to be seen.

I was grateful to have had an acupuncture session scheduled for the afternoon, I told my practitioner she needn't check in on me during the session, as I intended to have a much needed rest. Within minutes of her leaving- captive to the needles pricking every few inches of my skin- I began to feel like I was on fire. I quickly realized the heat lamp had been placed way too close to my feet, and I started to sweat profusely. There was nothing I could do save oh so carefully inch my toes away from the heat, feeling every single needle pinch as I moved.

When I was finally free of that uncomfortable session I headed straight out into Austin's 100 degree heat and gridlocked rush hour traffic.

Did I mention I am also feeling a lot of pressure to rescue/help that stray abandoned kitty that ran into our house? The renters next door were evicted 2 weeks ago, and for some reason took their 2 dogs and ONE of the sweet kitty siblings that lived with them, leaving the other one behind. She has been actively petitioning me at our front door- weaving in and out of my legs, chirping sweet kitty meows, and basically trying to sweet talk her way into our family. I am at a loss as to what to do. I really don't want the responsibility of taking in an animal I don't know. Will she be destructive? House broken? Carry diseases? How will our kitty Sam react? But then my thoughts just as quickly spin the other direction. She is a seemingly awesome, sweet, smart cat. Sam always LOVED having cat siblings. We have the room and means to adopt her. And so it goes… another emotional weight sitting on top of already full shoulders, meowing at me every time I open the front door.

Back to this afternoon.

I stopped to check in on the laundry room progress, and the bottom shelves looked SO much better with the extra length- my instinct there was spot on. However, the newly installed upper cabinets?

I couldn't even reach them.

The entire point of the laundry room remodel was to make more usable storage space for ME, the one who primarily uses it. I was beyond frustrated and disappointed, but was NOT going to ask the contractor to take down and remake those as well after this morning's debacle. I'm just going to have to suck it up and be extra creative with that space (add another shelf below the way too tall cabinets?)


The cherry on top? I was looking for Iyla's beloved new Tinker Bell doll, and finally found her in the caddy of the stroller. She must have gone on a walk with Iyla and the nanny today. Noticing her wings were missing, I dug further into the caddy- to excavate 2 pieces of cracked, broken wings.

I started to bawl.

Yep- it was that kind of a day. I do see the humor and ridiculousness of it all, as these are absolutely First World Problems. Regardless, I cannot WAIT to go to sleep and start fresh again tomorrow.

I'll be taking a sleeping pill.

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  1. Aw! Man! What a day! I can totally relate! Especially with the little thigs that break you. You have got a lot on your plate lady! And your accupuncture session not even beig relaxing. Simply awful! I'm pretty attached to Evers precious things too, so that would have definitely broke me. A good nights sleep is so needed. The difference a day makes! Everythig will look brighter in te morning and all that good stuff! :)