Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's October… Why Not?

Fall is finally in the air! And in Austin, that means temperatures are only in the mid to upper 80's, with predictable relief in the shade. A huge shift from months of relentless 100+ degree weather!

The seasonal shift always energizes and inspires me. This year, it may also cause some short term debt, as I find myself unable to hold back from buying ALL THE CUTE SWEATERS AND JEANS for Iyla. And this kid already has definite opinions on her clothes. When I pulled out a pair of jeans for her to try on yesterday, instead of saying "no like jeans"- which is what I'd expected she'd say- she exclaimed "I like jeans!" And wanted to leave them on That's my girl!

Also a hit? This little yellow sweater, which was immediately declared "COZY!"
 Sadly a cute jean jacket received the dreaded "no like this!"

I've decided my motto this October is "Why Not?" Specifically, 'why not' go ahead and march onward with another injectables cycle? This was a very, very last minute decision on my part- as I had intended to take several more months off from interventions- but …. why not? Dr. Vaughn definitely had a strong opinion on my fence sitting when I saw him yesterday, flat out saying "well, you've been having sex and not getting pregnant." Very astute observation, Dr. Vaughn. Indeed. He also likes to remind me that I will be turning THIRTY NINE soon, and with fertility, time isn't really on my side. 

How we feel about Western opinions

My mom? She says the babe will come when he/she is ready, just like Iyla did. No matter what I do or don't do to help out.

All is true.

And so I take the western opinions and tuck them into my frou-frou pocket. My intuition feels like another babe is definitely coming. Having that babe while 39 feels right (vs 40, so that would be getting pregnant in the next 4-5 months or so). I acknowledge that in the 3 years trying to conceive Iyla I had a LOT of hopeful intuitions month to month about when she would come, and many were wrong. I had to keep that hope alive to stay positive, which is what I intend to do again now. 

The frou doesn't fall far from the tree

And I AM hopeful. And desiring. And realistic. And yes, Zen. This month I am an energized, motivated, inspired Zen Master who'd like to officially put in an order with the Universe: 2015 baby, please. 

October, you've always been an inspiring month… here's hoping great things are in store!

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