Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Adventures & TWW Obsessing

I am loving the cooler mornings here in Austin. Cooler weather = toddler fall cuteness OVERLOAD.

Yesterday I bought Iyla some cozy fuzzy Ugg type boots, to which I was quickly and definitely told "no like these!" However, when I pulled out Iyla's moccasins this morning- fearing a similar reaction- I got an immediate "I like moccasins!" and that little lady didn't want me to take them off, even when we returned home from our morning adventures. Hooray! This kid definitely has her own opinions on style.

Too cute!

Earlier this week I spontaneously took Iyla to a Gymboree "Open Gym" playtime. We've gone to classes two times at the local Gymboree, once when Iyla was around 6 months and again when she was 18 months. She had fun at the last class, but greatly preferred to run free and do her own thing (plus I had a big issue with the fact that the teacher could.not.sing to save her life, and the class was all about songs). 

The Open Gym? HUGE success! I was so proud of how brave and adventurous Iyla was- doing many activities "by self" after only one or two times holding my hand. She still won't go down a slide on her own, but we're getting there.

I am now 5 days past ovulation (DPO) and have had an interesting run of symptoms so far. Most are likely due to the Follistim and Ovidrel meds at this point vs from an actually possible pregnancy, since it is still so early in the game.

I took my Ovidrel trigger last Wednesday, then had IUIs Thursday and Friday. On Thursday evening and into Friday mid-day, I was having some burning in my intestinal tract. 

Here are my current DPO symptoms:

Friday: Ovulation day: Pretty intense abdominal/intestinal pain that night. Breasts already starting to feel sore. Had acupuncture at 11, and likely ovulated (3 eggs!) around that same time.

Saturday: 1DPO: Lots more bloating & intestinal pain, along with lower back pain, resulting in (sorry for TMI) diarrhea. This was different than a stomach virus because I still had an appetite.

Sunday: 2DPO: More bloating & pretty extreme intestinal pain coupled with lower back pain. I was a little worried I might be developing OHSS, but I wasn't gaining any weight and my doctor's office said these were all pretty normal reactions to the meds I was on. Fun!

Monday: 3DPO: Sharp ovarian pains on and off, especially on my right side. I had trouble peeing due to the cramping pain on that side. Bloating went down. Breasts fuller and still painful. Slept extremely soundly & well with vivid dreams- which hasn't happened in a LONG TIME. Started progesterone supplements.

Tuesday: 4DPO: Full and sore breasts, feeling really fatigued all day despite the good nights' sleep. Increased appetite. Have tickley happy energy in my belly & back. Sleep super sound with very vivid dreams again.

Today: 5DPO: Full and sore breasts (the right side more so) and noticeable fatigue. Feeling hungry soon after eating, and am peeing a lot (though that is normal for me). I may have just ordered a pizza.

I am letting myself feel excited and hopeful this cycle, while still remaining realistic…. I think my odds with each injectables cycle are only about 20%. All of my fingers and toes are crossed!

In conclusion, I bring you Iyla's amazing nap hair. It's been off the charts the last few days, and I like to call it her "Elvis hair:"

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  1. Ahhh! Your symptoms sound so promising! Love Islas hair in the second photo , Kramer!