Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Round #1: Houston

The fun & busy Holiday season has begun! 

This year we began by assembling Iyla's first gingerbread house. Admittedly Mama did pretty much all of the work, but Iyla did enjoy taste testing every single decoration. 

"I think these peanut butter chips need a little more sugar."

Then we were off to Houston for an early Christmas celebration at my parent's house!

Highlights for Iyla included: 

*Trying to locate all of my parents' cats (who weren't too thrilled to have a toddler on the loose)
*Receiving a glowing amulet necklace
*A new fairy costume from Uncle Andy & Aunt Jeannine that was worn and danced in for our entire visit
*A new play castle from Mimi and Grampy
*A new art/snack table at Mimi and Grampy's. She kept running to it and exclaiming it was time for a 'tea party!'

I might love this castle as much as she does

But the most amazing moment occurred the morning after our festivities. 

Iyla awoke early at her Mimi and Grampy's bright eyed and bushy tailed- ready to 'go find kitties!' We got dressed and headed downstairs to play. She wanted to wear her fairy costume again, and began dancing happily beneath the Christmas tree lights. She then ran into my arms, hugged me tight, and breathed into my cheek: "I love you so much." 

I think my heart exploded.

That was the first time she has EVER said those words to me, and it completely melted me. This kid sure knows how to pull out the Holiday memories; last year on Christmas Eve she began walking, and now this! Be still my heart. What a lovely beginning to our Holiday celebrations.

Happy Holidays sweet girl!

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