Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Iyla's Birthday Re-Cap

Iyla's birthday turned out to be so much fun! I was surprised at how sentimental I was and how special and magical the entire day felt.

First, a look back at the stats from her 2 year check-up on November 17th. Iyla weighed in at 24.5 pounds (40%) and was 35 inches tall (75%). She was happy and chatty the entire visit, only crying for a couple of seconds when her 3 shots were given. Super brave girl!

On to Iyla's 2nd birthday re-cap:

Roses from Mama (for a girl who LOVES smelling the roses every time we go to the grocery store!)

A life sized Sofia balloon (she also got new Sofia undies)

A new table & chairs set 

Her new "Leaptop" computer. She tells me she's 'working' and has already learned so many letters by sight! Here we are both 'working' together. : )

We took Iyla out to the Driskill Hotel that night to snack, play, & celebrate! She LOVED the Happy Birthday song and requested we sing it to her again and again.

We also celebrated with family the following weekend:

Hey Cupcake desserts with fairy toppers

Iyla's gift bags- see a theme here?

Snuggling with Grampy


A new super sized Sofia doll

Stories with Lily

A singing card from Mimi and Grampy

And more cupcakes!

Not pictured but also big hits were a new pillow (her first! In the shape of a tiger) and a set of Tinkerbell dolls.

Such a fun celebration of this sweet little girl's life… here's hoping for many, MANY more birthdays ahead!

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