Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

It's taken me awhile to feel comfortable starting these weekly updates, given what we went through with losing one of the babies. I'm happy to say that after the grief subsided I've gotten to a place of peace with the entire situation, as it truly wasn't anything we could control. And with each day and OB appointment that passes I am feeling more and more confident and trusting in this sweet little miracle growing inside me, and as such, feel this baby deserves to have some updates to look back on as well! So here goes….

How far along? 12 weeks exactly today

How big is baby? I had a 12 week ultrasound today to check in, and this baby is measuring ahead of schedule! Looking more like 12w 3 or 4 days (the tech got a couple different measurements). Heart rate was 155, all organs & limbs were exactly where they should be, and holy cow if we don't have a MOVER and SHAKER on our hands! This baby was moving nonstop during the appointment. I swear I've already felt a couple tiny little pops in my tummy (which is what the first kicks feel like) even though it is way early for that… and watching this baby dance nonstop during the appointment made me think maybe I'm not so crazy. I think this one is very determined to let us know they are HERE and alive! Which I am grateful for. : )

Total weight gain? With Iyla, I hardly gained anything during the first trimester. This time around? I started at 110 (two pounds above what I started at with Iyla's pregnancy) and am already up to around 114.8 pounds. And it SHOWS. This belly of mine is pretty insane and hard to hide, looking like I did around 22-23 weeks with Iyla. And let's be honest, there is a whole lot going on in there. One thriving baby measuring ahead of schedule, one passed 8 week old fetus/sack/placenta, a 3rd little sac, plus Franny the fibroid. 

These photos are from last week at about 11w4d:

Seriously insane. No hiding this belly!

And here I am with Iyla at 14 weeks and then 22 weeks. I'm already at least as big as I was at 22 weeks with her, if not bigger!

Maternity clothes? I laugh when I look back at Iyla's updates and see that at this point I was just starting to wear belly bands. This pregnancy I started those at 5 weeks! I am now in full on maternity pants, and even those panels feel tight. My favorite thing right now is my maxi skirt and a few long layered black tops. And I've also had to pull out my old size D pregnancy bras.

Sleep? I was having a lot of sleep issues since the beginning of this pregnancy- waking up constantly throughout the night. Due to this AND the all day nausea I've been experiencing again, I've been doing the 1/2 Unisom + B6 vitamin cocktail each night, and I'm happy to report it's working great. The few nights I haven't taken it I've had much worse daytime nausea, so I am grateful for the twofold relief this is providing.

Food cravings? This has been a similar evolution to Iyla's pregnancy. From around weeks 5-10, I couldn't stomach sweets. Mostly I wanted simple, bland foods like eggs, toast, pasta, & potatoes. Was't wanting any veggies or meat- though I definitely needed daily protein. Then around week 10 I started craving and stomaching sweets again, and have also been on a big red meat kick. I've been a bit naughty this pregnancy and have been having a little bit of coffee every morning- usually 1/2 a cup. It's something I've surprisingly craved…. perhaps that is partly why we have a mover and shaker in there?

Food aversions? Lately cheese, which is interesting- as I craved this during my entire pregnancy with Iyla. I also can't stomach chicken or turkey or anything with complex flavors. I've also been turning my nose up at red pasta sauce- even though I craved that a lot several weeks ago.

Symptoms? All day nausea (curbed by my Unisom/B6 and constant eating). During the time I was pregnant with two babies I did vomit several times, likely from all of the excess hormones going on! Lots of fatigue- I've been trying to sneak in a daily nap and am usually in bed by 9pm nightly. My migraines were amazingly MIA during the first 9 weeks or pregnancy, but I've had around 3-4 since then. Happily if I take Tylenol & use ice packs right when the flashing lights begin I can avoid the headache pain. I've also had a very sore chest since before we even knew we were pregnant.

Most looking forward to? Starting to feel legitimate movement! Moving past the 14 week point. And- in two weeks, a girls' trip to Mexico with 6 of my closest high school girlfriends! I cannot WAIT for that… 4 days of R&R in the sun and surf…. a room all to myself… sleeping in…. all you can eat food… HEAVEN. The only challenge has been finding swimsuits that I feel somewhat decent in. I know, First World Problems.

And now I leave you with Baby Lambert 2.0's 12 week ultrasound shots from today. Our little warrior!

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