Tuesday, January 26, 2016

14 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? Exactly 14 weeks today

How big is baby? According to my baby apps, our little one is now the size of a lemon and can squint, frown, & grimace. Thanks to my ultrasound today, I can tell you that our baby is now exactly 3 ounces and measuring 9 cm from the top of its head to its rump. Baby was measuring right on schedule (well, a little ahead!) at 14 weeks 1 day and had a 143 heart rate. All looked great- baby was still moving all over the place and dare I say- seems to have long legs just like Papa and big sister Iyla!

Baby leg!

Weight gain? Almost another 2 pounds from last week! Insane. 118.2 pounds this morning to be exact. The gain doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing, and I am officially up 8.2 pounds total in my first trimester. And happy to OFFICIALLY have graduated to the 2nd trimester!

Sleep? Not great the last few nights. I'm waking at LEAST 10 or more times, getting up to use the restroom or just waking between each sleep cycle. Leaves me feeling quite sleepy during the day.

Food cravings/aversions? I've been having an aversion to seafood this past week. Last night I cooked steaks and after the first bite didn't want anymore (which may have been entirely due to my cooking vs. an actual aversion to red meat)!

Symptoms? Both of my inner thighs feel like they are constantly pulled, which I remember from my pregnancy with Iyla. Not super fun, and I think has to do with the spreading of my hips and pelvis. I also threw up one morning this past week, which I haven't done since 8 weeks! I've been feeling extra tired and voraciously hungry overall this past week. And my skin has been feeling quite itchy.

Big sister? Still as sweet as can be, hugging my belly multiple times per day and saying "I love your baby! Does the baby like when I snuggle it? When I talk to it?" LOVE.

Snuggling the baby

Although she loves to lavish kisses on MY belly, these days when I try to kiss hers she likes to tell me "no Honey, the belly shop is closed." I die every time. : )

Most looking forward to? My "Plan B" trip for this coming weekend, which is replacing the girls' Mexico getaway I had to sadly cancel (did I mention F*** YOU ZIKA VIRUS)?!  I booked myself 3 nights at a local spa resort I love 30 minute outside of town, and am SO happy the forecast looks to be sunny and in the 70's- so pool time can still be had! Still NO match for a beach getaway, but at least I'll be in beautiful nature setting with lots of R&R and NO virus carrying mosquitoes. I'll take it!


  1. You are SO dang cute!! Congrats on making it to the 2nd tri!

  2. Congratulations! (I've been absent from reading lately.) You and Isla are cute!