Wednesday, February 3, 2016

15 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

While my girlfriends were living it up in Mexico this past week (sniff sniff), I managed to have a lovely 3 day "Plan B" getaway to The Lost Pines Resort. Here are a few highlights in photos:

View from my room

Makeup-free weekend!

It was admittedly a little chilly for pool time, but I was not to be deterred

BC and Iyla drove up to visit me Saturday morning!

Missed this kid

BC did a great job keeping Iyla alive, fed, & dressed in my absence. Here are a couple of photos he sent to me documenting their time together:

On to my 15 week updates!

How far along? 15 weeks (yesterday)

How big is baby? Baby is apparently the size of an apple now, and this week has started to be able to sense light (though eyelids are still closed).

Weight gain? Seems to be a trend here... another 2 pounds since last week, for a grand total of 120 pounds. 10 pound gain overall!

And just for fun, here's me at 24 weeks with Iyla. I seem to consistently be growing & gaining about 9-10 weeks ahead of what I was with her. Similar belly, pretty much the same weight gain (at 24 weeks I'd gained 11 pounds with her):

Sleep? Ok. Still not great. I'm sleeping but still waking up what seems like a gazillion times/night.

Food cravings/aversions? Still having aversions to seafood, and this week I have also had aversions to most meat. I am craving vegetables, as well as loving orange juice. Desiring more things like pasta and bean tacos, and continuing to love my omelets in the morning.

Symptoms? This week has been a doozy. Round ligament pain has officially reared its ugly head... I've been having a LOT of tight pulling on my lower right ligament when I walk or get up too quickly. I've also been getting a rash of bloody noses, including an Award Winning 45 minute gusher a few days ago that spilled over into both nostrils and definitely gave me a run for my money. The same day as the gusher I had a return to all day nausea AND got a migraine. Wheeeee!

Big sister? Iyla's been doing great. Here are a few outtakes from her "Big Sister" announcement shoot:

And here's one from nap quiet party time this week. This kid is down to maybe 2 naps/week, preferring to live it up most other days:

She also had the start of a new swim session! Iyla was super excited to try out these new-to-her inner tubes:

Most looking forward to? All of our travel coming up! In March we'll again rent out our house for the SXSW festival, and will spend 4 days in our beloved Wimberley before heading north to Dallas to accompany BC at a resort where he has a work conference. Then in late April BC and I depart for our one week kid-free trip to Northern California! We just booked everything this week and are super excited for one last hurrah before baby #2 officially joins the family.

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