Tuesday, February 16, 2016

17 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 17 weeks today

How big is baby? Baby is estimated to be around 5 inches long now from head to bottom (about the size of an onion). She has distinct fingerprints starting to form and is starting to put on layers of fat. I'm also feeling more frequent "blips" in my belly, which I am pretty darn sure are baby dancing around!

Weight gain? I was at 122.8 this morning, so just a little over a pound gained from last week.

17 week belly

Sleep? Doing a little better overall, though I've been waking around 6:30-6:45 for no good reason at all. We usually don't fetch Iyla until 7:15 or so, so that's a good 30-45 minutes I could still be sleeping.

Since my nausea has gone down I've been working to wean off the nightly Unisom tablets. However, the last few nights I've again returned to waking up what feels like a gazillion times a night (it literally feels like I wake every 5 minutes, though I know that isn't likely true). So… we'll see if that continues, and if so, I may have to investigate alternative ways to help me sleep more soundly.

Food cravings/aversions? I haven't felt as ravenously hungry this week. Still no desire for seafood, which has been very consistent for the majority of this pregnancy. We had a funny tragic dinner event this week where BC was excited to cook us a family dinner Saturday night. I told him to make sure it would be something Iyla would eat, but didn't bother mentioning items to avoid for myself, since every.single.time we go to dinner I tell him I can't stomach seafood, not to mention HE READS THIS BLOG. As the smell of fish wafted through our home Saturday evening and I had to cover my nose from the nausea, I really really wished I would have said something. Poor guy was so happy to be cooking- had gotten flowers and everything- and neither Iyla nor I were into the fish dinner. After the meal he remarked that next week he'd check with me before deciding on the menu, since he never knew anymore what I'd want with this pregnancy. Wise man!

Symptoms? For the most part I am doing well, fully recovered from my cold and feeling more alert during the day. However, I still occasionally get very intense "pregnant" days. For example, on Saturday morning (the same day as the Great Fish Dinner Debacle) I ended up vomiting into a Ziploc bag while sitting in the parking lot of my local coffee shop. Later as I headed out on a walk with Iyla my right ligament tensed up halfway through and I felt like I had the worst side cramp of my life. I had to hobble slowly the rest of the way and was quite physically incapacitated for the remainder of the evening.

I've still been having a lot of the feeling of my inner thighs being pulled, and my prenatal yoga instructor said this is usually due to the pelvis being out of alignment. I'll make sure to schedule in another visit to my chiropractor this week, though these adjustments seem to only offer relief temporarily before the tugging returns.

I AM happy to report I didn't have any migraines this past week, which is oh so nice.

Bloody noses are still very frequent- I'd say 5/7 mornings I get them when I blow my nose.

Big sister? We had a really sweet Valentine's Day with Iyla. It started with a bubble bath before heading out for breakfast with Papa, followed by some holiday loot (a new unicorn stuffed animal & an array of chocolates). Chocolate is definitely the way to this little lady's heart… she often remarks out of nowhere "I just LOVE chocolate."

Iyla's school had a "Kids Night Out" Sunday from 3-7, where Iyla got to make chocolates from scratch, play games, & do crafts… and BC and I were able to head out to an early date night dinner at Perry's steak house. A win-win for all! It was a lovely day.

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