Tuesday, February 9, 2016

16 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

This past weekend, we had 4/6th of BC's siblings in town for a brief and lovely mini family reunion. It all started as a planned golf weekend for BC and his brother Chad, who resides in Kansas. Then- in a completely random coincidence- BC's sister Amy (who lives in Denver) let us know she was to be in town that same weekend for a girls' trip. Having heard this, BC's sister Christie (who lives in Boulder) decided to come in for a night, and of course we had to have sister Julie drive in from Houston to join in on the fun! It was sweet to watch how quickly Iyla warmed up to her family, as this was not always the case with her. She definitely reveled in all the extra attention from her Aunties and Uncle!

Selfie with Aunt Christie

The 3 Jules (Me, Chad's wife Julie & BC's sister Julie) & Christie

On to my 16 week updates!

How far along? 16 weeks today

How big is baby? My baby apps say baby should now be about 7 inches long- about the length of a carrot. The app also notes that in the next few weeks baby will go through a huge growth spurt, doubling it's weight and adding inches to it's length. Can't wait to see what that does to my already burgeoning belly! This is also the week that baby starts being able to actually hear, due to tiny bones having developed in its ears. I have this weird feeling that this baby may be our musical one (Iyla- bless her heart- LOVES to sing and is the cutest little singer in the the world, but appears to have BC's voice… meaning: tone deaf). Given that development, this is definitely the time to start really talking and singing to baby! 

Weight gain? It slowed slightly this week... I am up another 1.4 pounds as of this morning, for a total gain of 11.4 pounds so far.

16 weeks with baby #2

And for fun, here's my little belly (thought I'm sure I felt huge!) at 16 weeks with Iyla:

Sleep? It's been better the last few nights, likely from taking a Benadryl before bed due to a nasty cold I've been fighting. 

I also have to give BC huge kudos here for a moment. About a year ago his snoring picked up, and that coupled with my extremely light sleeping proved to be a not-so-great combination for sleep. In an effort to help, we got a new king sized bed and I started sleeping with earplugs. When that didn't help, we resorted to having BC sleep many nights of the week in the guest room. While we both slept well that way, neither of us wanted that to be a permanent solution.

This past week BC took it upon himself to do some in-depth research into his own snoring. Did you know there is an online quiz one can do to determine what type of snorer you are? This is the one BC took, which led him to learn he was a 'tongue snorer." This information helped him find and order this super sexy device, which lo and behold has proven to be a small MIRACLE. The snoring has been cut to almost nothing, and we are both happily sharing our cozy king size bed again.

Food cravings/aversions? Not much different this week. Still having aversions to seafood and craving veggies. Last night I cooked up a big pot of Green Curry Soup, which was the perfect remedy for both my cravings and my cold! I also made a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies because, you know, balance. 

Symptoms? I feel like I am finally coming out of the first trimester fog. This past week my nausea has been much better and I am also getting into a better groove with my body- fully used to the belly and having less overall ligament pain. I did start my day today throwing up, but I think that was fully due to the combination of an apple slice + elderberry syrup + prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach. Poor Iyla G came into the bathroom mid vomit with a concerned look on her face asking if I as ok, then sat down behind me hugging my back while I retched over the toilet. That's love for you! 

Big sister? I had a super fun weekend with Iyla. BC was busy golfing & entertaining family, so she and I had lots of quality time to adventure together. On Saturday I took her to a toddler art class at a local Gymboree (which she LOVED) and on Sunday we ventured out to Dinosaur Park- a place I'd heard about several times but had yet to visit. When I mapped it out and realized it was only 20 minutes away, we were a GO! This is a kid who loves dinosaurs, and the gorgeous 65 sunny weather made for a perfect day hike. 

Here are a few photos from our past week:

Dinosaur Park!


This is a baby dinosaur hatching, in case that wasn't clear

Look out Iyla!

She was making all the dinosaurs gather for a "dinosaur party." It's so funny to me how differently girls and boys tend to play!

Meanwhile, at school, the teachers reported that Iyla spent an entire morning hand in hand with this little firefighter named Socrates

She worked on her back float at swimming lessons

Delighted in new presents from her Aunties

And rocked some seriously adorable braids! 

Most looking forward to? Right now, just getting over this cold and hopefully having energy again! 

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