Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Little Heartbreaker

Every week Iyla and I attend a sweet little "Music Together" class. There are about 6 other kids in the class with us, ranging from 12 months-3 years old.

In particular there is one little 3 year old boy named Max who is just the most darling thing ever. He is smart, observant, & full of giggles. And he is sweet on Iyla.

This became evident a few classes ago when he started making a point to come sit right next to her and ask that she help him in any cooperative activities. He also seems to be extra full of giggles when in her presence.

Last night when he arrived to class, he quickly came over and sat right next to us, even though his mom and little sister were seated across the circle.

When it came time for a drumming activity where each kid was given two sticks to bang together, he very excitedly started banging his sticks on Iyla's.

She wasn't having it.

She quickly hid her sticks behind her back and stuck out her tongue at him, a new move she has developed in the past "growing" week, full of sass. I told her that this wasn't very nice and to just say "no thank you" if she didn't want to play that way. He got the hint and moved on.

Toward the end of class there is another activity where the kids help "blow out" all the lights, then snuggle down with their parent or caregiver to listen to a soothing song.

No sooner had Iyla and I laid down than little Max came running over and snuggled in right next to Iyla, rolling on his side so his body faced her. She immediately got up and laid down on the other side of me. Max quickly followed suit, running to the other side and again snuggling in right next to her. Again she got up and moved, again he followed. This time she took things up a notch and gave him a shove in the face. Poor Max was crestfallen.

I reminded Iyla that this was not a nice way to communicate and to tell him "no thank you" if she didn't want him there. She then very loudly and forcefully said NO THANK YOU to him several times in a row, until a sad Max finally retreated to his mom.

Not to be deterred, at the end of class Max came up and asked Iyla if he may please have a hug (cue my heart melting!). Thankfully Iyla obliged, and all was well again in the toddler world.

Iyla Grace- breaking hearts and taking names since 2012

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