Wednesday, January 20, 2016

13 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 13 weeks

How big is baby? This little one is apparently now the size of a lemon, with unique fingerprints already developed. Iyla loves when I show her the baby's approximate size with one of her little baby doll figurines- not sure she really conceptualizes what is happening in my belly or what is going to happen 6 months from now, but it's still fun 'modeling' it for her!

Weight gain? I was at 116.8 this morning- so good gracious, that's up another 2 pounds from last week! For curiosity's sake I looked at how much I"d gained when my belly was this big with Iyla (around 23 weeks) and at that time I was up 8 pounds. I am pretty much exactly there, save that I started 2 pounds heavier this round so the actual 'gain' looks like 6 1/2 pounds. I think it is probably good to be gaining in the beginning of the pregnancy, as I know in the 3rd trimester my stomach will be small from all of the belly expansion. Though with Iyla I still managed to pack on about a pound a week at the end! Two words: ice-cream.

13 week belly

Sleep? I'm still doing the B6/Unisom at night. And still waking up quite a few times throughout the night to pee. So… it's OK. Not great, not awful.

Food cravings/aversions? This past week I've been really wanting more fruits and veggies. Devouring blueberries and downing blended juices from our local Juiceland store. Still loving red meat over white. My morning nausea has gotten MUCH better, and I can go a longer stretch until breakfast without feeling ill.

Symptoms? Still very sore chest, fatigue, and sporadic sleep. This week I've also had a weird pulsating ache that comes and goes on my very lower left abdomen- likely where Franny my fibroid is. I'm thinking maybe my expanding uterus is starting to push against it? Also a big uptick in my ocular migraines- which may be due to the Cedar Allergies running rampant in town. I think I've had at least 4 this past week- and am again so thankful that Tylenol + ice seems to be all I need for relief.

Big sister? Iyla is just the sweetest regarding the baby. The cutest thing? Early into my pregnancy I told her I could no longer carry her up our stairs because of the baby (babies at the time) in my belly. So that sweet girl decided to start helping ME 'carry the baby' up the stairs. This equates to her walking up the stairs backwards while holding my belly in a bear hug. She also likes to occasionally do this when we are out walking- she'll announce she wants to 'carry the baby' and then turns backward to clutch my belly.

She has also been so affectionate with me - spontaneously telling me "I love you so much" throughout the day. She will often follow this up by saying: "and I love your baby" as she hugs my belly.


I really think she is going to be an incredible big sister. I am sure there will be adjustments to having another child sharing in our attentions, but overall I think she is going to love it!

Love this kid so much

Most looking forward to? BC and I are hoping to squeeze in one last adults only trip before the baby comes, likely around his birthday at the end of April. It's fun to be in the research/dreaming phase- and so fun to think about having a blissful week of just us together totally relaxing! My wish list for the trip includes gorgeous nature & awesome food. I envision ocean & forest, lots of lazy sleeping in and reading books. So hoping we can make this happen (Grandma- we'll be calling you soon to talk dates!).

Also looking forward to a 14 week ultrasound next week. This is the first week since our loss where I haven't had a check in with the baby, so I am looking forward to reassurance that baby is still growing well.

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