Tuesday, March 8, 2016

20 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 20 weeks today- halfway through!

How big is baby? At our ultrasound last week, baby was estimated at 10 ounces. My apps say that baby is about the size of a mango now, 10 inches long.

Weight gain? Ahem…. I seem to have gained 2.5 pounds since last week! I am not entirely convinced that is all baby… as we had a date night last night complete with a big steak dinner and I haven't been…. well, as 'regular' as I'd like this week. 127.6 total on the scale this morning.

This week's belly photos courtesy of the Target dressing room

Sleep? It's been pretty decent with the re-integration of 1/2 a tab of Unisom nightly. Last night, however, I did have crazy insomnia, likely due to a mix of the chocolate mouse dessert we had (heaven!) and my mind spinning over the house prep toward leaving town tomorrow.

Food cravings/aversions? Nothing new or notable here.

Symptoms? Constipation has been really bad this week, despite nightly Magnesium and Colace. My hips are still tight after sitting, but feel a bit better overall- likely b/c I haven't been doing much (ok, ANY) exercise this past week. My chest is ever so slightly less sore, but definitely has grown into its full pregnancy glory. When trying on new bras today (it's well time to update the ratty ones I am still wearing from Iyla's pregnancy 3.5 years ago)… I first discovered it is VERY hard to find 34D's, and then found that even these were a bit small in the cups for me! Every.thing is growing.

Big sister? Poor Iyla came down with a tummy bug last Thursday. When I went to greet her in the morning, she said her tummy hurt and I quickly noticed vomit on her pajamas and in her bed. After I stripped her soiled clothes off she immediately laid down on the floor, a sure sign that she wasn't feeling well. Luckily it was a pretty mild bug overall- she threw up a total of maybe 5 times in 24 hours, almost always after trying to eat something. She had a fever for 12 of those hours, and luckily was into taking the chewable Tylenol tabs I'd run out to purchase (I told her they were "medicine candy" and that's all she had to hear!). I was SO grateful there wasn't any diarrhea, which I can't even imagine also having to deal with. And *knocking on wood* so far BC and I- four days later- haven't come down with it, though BC does have a knack for falling ill on vacation and we do leave for Wimberley tomorrow…..here's hoping we are genuinely in the clear!

A few shots of Iyla from the past week…. here, an initial burst of energy playing on the first morning of her 24 hour bug:

We made a video fort

The fatigue quickly caught up with her

Day #2 of the bug found Iyla feeling better overall, but still really weak and tired from not haven eaten much:

Still managing to smile for a selfie!

How we passed much of the day

By Friday night she was feeling much more like herself, having eaten and kept down a couple of meals. We were so happy to have our energetic girl back!


And here are a few more shots from school this past week:

Most looking forward to? Our Wimberley getaway, which begins in T-24 hours!

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