Tuesday, April 19, 2016

26 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 26 weeks today!

How big is baby? Baby is estimated to be around 13.75 inches long and 2 pounds in weight. Her lungs are now fully formed and her fused eyelids will start to open this week.

How big is Mama? Up just shy of another pound from last week, at 134.6. Slow and steady. It doesn't help that I can't really do ANY exercise due to my sore hips… though I am still doing nightly stretches to ease the pain. Baby girl moves a lot on and off throughout the day, and at this point it appears she still has a lot of room in there, as some days I feel her moving up high near my ribs and other days she's way down low by my cervix.

Sleep? Doing well overall- though I did have a pretty long bout of insomnia last night in the middle of the night (possibly due to the cookies consumed before bed?)

Food cravings/aversions? I was reading back on Iyla's updates and saw that I couldn't stomach tomatoes during her pregnancy- and interestingly enough, she has a tomato allergy. This kid definitely doesn't want me to eat seafood (still!) so I am curious if that may manifest in her preferences once she is out in the world.

Symptoms? The Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction continues to plague me. Lots and lots of burning, ripping, and tight pain across my pubic bone, inner thighs, and hips. It's worse after sitting for awhile or standing too long and from everything I've read, BIRTH is the only real "cure."

Big Sister? My online Mama group had a challenge this week to post pictures of us alongside our kiddo when we were their age. People tell me ALL THE TIME that Iyla is my mini me, and I do see it in moments (mostly in the eyes), but overall think she looks like her own unique person (and also my mom).

However, I did dig up a picture of me around her age where the resemblance is definitely there- again in the eyes:

According to my Aunt Sheri (who is holding me)- this was my "Princess Leia" phase

A few more photos of Iyla from the past week:

Prepping for breakfast out with Papa

Ready for a rainy day at school

Rainy day ringlets! She requests her hair to be done in "Dumbo ears" all the time now, which means two either half or full ponytails.

Boat safety day at swim lessons

Weekly ballet class- one month countdown until her recital! And she still almost NEVER does what the teacher asks. Should be a hilarious show to watch!

Zilker Park train ride

She loves this concrete wheel at the park and always does little shows on top of it

Nursery? It was a big week in that we finally ordered the nursery furniture! At this point with Iyla's pregnancy we already had the furniture fully assembled in her room. This kid's furniture? Scheduled to arrive sometime in late June (ha!). I'm really not worried about the time lines, since I know from experience that baby will be sleeping in our room for the first several months. However, I do NOT want to be assembling a nursery AFTER baby arrives, so onward we go with the preparations.

Step 1 will be selling the current guest room furniture, step 2 painting the room, step 3 installing curtains, step 4 putting in the furniture, and then finally we'll finish out the room with art, decorations, a rug, filling the dresser drawers, etc.

Baby girl's crib (we got a matching dresser as well)

This is the pattern that will be on the chair I ordered (which will be a different style). I plan to have this sucker in our room initially for middle of the night feedings.

Most looking forward to? We leave in just a few days for California! I honestly haven't had much time to actively think about the trip, but AM excited to have a full week lounging with BC. Given my (mostly) inability to walk much these days, I'll be happy to just go on beautiful drives, lie in our hotel bed, read books, and have delicious meals.

We are also excited for Grandma to arrive! When we tell Iyla it is almost time for Grandma to be here, she'll exclaim "TODAY?!" to which we have to explain it will be a few more days still. : ) I told her Mama and Papa will be getting on an airplane for a trip to California while she and Grandma have a sleepover party, then we'll be back to see her again. To which she'll either reply: "I'll miss you!" or "you'll be so glad to see me again!" She gets it. So much so that last night at bedtime she regressed a bit and did NOT want me to leave the room like I usually do. She's one smart kiddo.

I also cannot WAIT to walk/exercise/hike again once this baby girl joins us in the outside world. I do love being pregnant (love feeling her inside me and watching my body transform)- but it will be oh so nice to be able to move and sit normally again.

On that note I scored a HUGE deal on a brand new BOB Double stroller this week- found one at our local baby store that was marked 10% off. I had a 20% off coupon on top of that, and upon noticing that one of the wheels wouldn't inflate (likely due to needing a new tube- super easy and cheap to fix) I negotiated another 10% off, for a total of 40% off! That got the price down to what these strollers typically sell for on the used resale market. SCORE! 

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