Tuesday, May 3, 2016

28 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

We are back from our lovely California vacation!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip:

It was oh so nice to have a full week to kick back and reconnect with this guy! And the views weren't too shabby either.

We rode on a wine train! They served a 3 course lunch as we meandered through the Napa Valley, ending up at a CASTLE for a wine tasting & tour. Not a bad little day at all.

The castle we toured

I was lucky enough to meet up with two dear ladies who I've come to know through their own blogs. We had a lovely lunch together in Yountville.

That's Jesica from Just Smile and Blog and "Lanie" (aka Melanie) from Unruffled Lanie 

We also had a fun night out with our friend Megan, celebrating BC's birthday together in downtown San Francisco. Megan was kind enough to lend us her car for our week long excursions!

On to my official 28 week updates:

How far along? 28 weeks today!

How big is baby? My baby apps estimate her around 2.5 pounds & 16 inches long. She may have started having actual dreams this week, and is working further on skills like sucking, coughing, and hiccuping. On that note- I am pretty sure I felt my first baby hiccups on the plane ride to California! I felt small rhythmic bumps happening over and over again in my belly, and my first thought was: "is she punching my belly in a timed syncopated rhythm?" This was followed by: "is baby convulsing? Having a seizure?" And then finally the more practical explanation hit me: HICCUPS!

How big is Mama? I was curious to see how I'd weigh in after a week of vacation. Usually vacation means I eat more than normal, but given I fell ill with a cold on this trip (boo), I was eating a lot lighter than usual. It didn't matter. I still gained 4.4 pounds over the last 2 weeks, for a total weight of 139. I've officially surpassed my TOTAL pregnancy gain with Iyla- which was 28 pounds- and at 28 weeks with this baby I am up a total of 29 pounds.

28 week belly with baby #2

And just for fun- here's my belly at 37 and 38 weeks respectively with Iyla… I am already looking full term this round (though her bump was definitely more filled out on the top):

Sleep? Still doing well overall.

Food cravings/aversions? I started having an aversion to meats on our trip, which I attributed to my cold. Now that we're back and I'm feeling better I'm still not preferring them- instead wanting salads, bread, eggs, & veggies. We'll see if that continues!


*I've had heartburn in the evenings a few times, which is a new one for this pregnancy

*I did vomit one morning during our trip, likely due to drainage from my cold

*I had several bloody noses on the trip (from the dry mountain air)

*I've been getting short of breath more often- noticeably so when Iyla snuggles on my lap for story time, when I lay down, or when I go up stairs

*Feeling much warmer than normal. This has been going on for awhile now (as evidenced by my turning the AC down/fan on every night) but was oh so evident on our plane rides to California- where i wore a tank top and still wanted the AC blowing on me! Historically I am always FREEZING on airplanes, needing multiple layers to be comfortable.

*Still struggling with the pelvic issues. However, I did have a visit with my amazing myofascial practitioner yesterday (she's the one who helped Iyla immensely with her torticollis)- and I don't know why I didn't reach out to her sooner! I think she may be my magic ticket to a bit of relief during these last couple of months. Here's hoping!

Big sister? It was SO wonderful to reunite with our sweet Iyla Grace after a week away! She and Grandma had planned a little birthday party for BC upon our arrival home, and before BC and I had even walked through the front door she was asking Grandma if it was time yet for cupcakes. : )

We are grappling right now with some big decisions toward Iyla's fall schedule, as we just found out she was again offered an exclusive spot in a 5 day/week Montessori school for next school year. We've been on this waiting list for TWO years- and were initially offered a position this past January, which ultimately felt too soon.

But now? I think Iyla AND Mama may be ready for this new change. It will be a little crazy driving her to and from school daily with a newborn, but it will also be SO good for her to have a safe, stimulating, fun community that is consistent for those early newborn days when I am sleepily ensconced nursing & soothing her new baby sister. And the thought of having that gentle one on one time with baby sounds lovely too. Iyla got that as our first born, and it would be a gift for this little lady to also get some cozy solo time with Mama. I'm observing at the school again tomorrow, and we hope to make some final decisions by the end of the week!

Iyla has been showing a LOT of intrinsic interest lately in naming & writing letters (and is quite good at it!)- another reason I am thinking a more structured school setting that capitalizes on those budding interests and skills might be a great fit for her.

Ever since our return home Iyla has been vehemently protesting her "quiet time," which means Mama hasn't gotten much quiet time either! I find whenever we go away (with or without Iyla) there is usually a period of re acclimation to our schedule and house rules that takes a LOT of patience and consistency on our parts. It doesn't help that BC had to turn around yesterday morning for a weeklong business trip to Arizona… so it's just us girls working together through this transition.

These two had such a fun filled week together! We miss Grandma already and are so grateful for the time she was able to spend with Iyla.

Morning school portrait

Most looking forward to? I'm excited to start going through Iyla's old baby supplies and getting everything set up for baby's nursery. If this little one comes in the same early time frame Iyla did (around 37.5 weeks)- that means I only have roughly 9-10 weeks to go- which feels like the blink of an eye! My goal is to have everything ready by July 1st, so for the next two months I'll be in full on baby prep. 

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