Tuesday, May 31, 2016

32 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 32 weeks today!

How big is baby? The pregnancy apps estimate her around 3.5-4 pounds and 16 3/4 inches in length. All of her major systems are developed save for the lungs, which are still in the finishing process. Her job now is just to gain a LOT of weight toward birth; the apps say babies typically double their weight from now until 40 weeks.

I had a doctor appointment last week where my OB went through what a typical 2nd labor progression was like. She said for a good 8/10 women, 2nd labors are MUCH faster (Iyla's was 18 hours start to finish). She said it was likely I'd feel my first contractions sometime after midnight, and by the 5th or so contraction would be calling her and needing to quickly get out the door to the hospital- possibly having a baby by the morning. CRAZY. I appreciated the heads' up, as this makes me even more acutely aware that we need to very carefully plan toward Iyla's care with the anticipation of a possible fast night labor.

How big is Mama? I am up 1/2 a pound from last week, for a total weigh-in at 140.6, so a 30.6 pound gain in the pregnancy thus far. I don't feel like my belly is expanding terribly much, but I CAN tell baby girl is getting bigger in there based on how strong, noticeable, and constant her movements have become. She definitely appears to be using up every inch of her space!

Sleep? Still good overall. The getting up and flipping over in the middle of the night is difficult, as I have to move oh so slowly so as not to tweak my hips or back.

Food cravings/aversions? I've had a noticeably reduced sweet tooth this week- but other than that, nothing new or notable.


*Physically this has been a very challenging week. It isn't because of the hip/thigh pain (which has been manageable); but rather from the additional weight on me and the fact that I am now in my 8th month. I have found I can't be on my feet for more than an hour at a time, and ideally, not for much more than an hour/day, otherwise I really suffer in the evening. I am feeling really tired and every physical movement is laborious. With Iyla's pregnancy I was still quite active until the week I went into labor; however, my weight gain with THIS baby has already surpassed my TOTAL weight gain with Iyla, so I think my body has prematurely reached that exhausted and DONE place.

*I had a couple of migraines in the past week- due to my typical triggers & stress. Luckily they are still manageable with Tylenol + ice.

*Constipation is back. I've upped my magnesium and added in nightly Colace, and it is somewhat helping. Somewhat.

Big sister?

*Iyla has finally gotten back into a good sleeping groove again! We've ditched 'quiet time" completely, and are starting to put her down earlier each evening around 7:30-7:45. She's been sleeping almost 12 hours/night this week! Just in time for BC to leave for about 1.5 weeks (boys' trip followed by a work trip). Historically when he is gone her sleep regresses again, so I'm not looking forward to that.

*Iyla's been a sweetheart about my needing to stay mostly reclined when we are home playing. We have a fun set of "couch games" we play that center around me lying on the couch and her doing shows for me and arranging her toys around my belly and legs.

*She was off school last Friday and this Monday for the Memorial Day Holiday, so I did my best to get her out and about on those days- as I go stir crazy staying indoors for an entire day! Friday we hit up the Austin Aquarium, and yesterday we took advantage of a local Gymboree's free open house week to play and take a couple of classes. Iyla adores Gymboree; when BC asked her last night how she would describe Gymboree to him, she paused a moment than wistfully replied "Magical."

*We also had a play date with a neighborhood friend yesterday afternoon, and good gracious these toddler play dates are complicated! Because we went to the other little girls' home, and because this little girl is 3.5 and in a typical phase of not wanting to share ANYTHING, every single thing Iyla tried to play with would be snatched from her hands with a "that's MINE!" from our tearful host. It was tough. I think we'll be more successful hosting her at OUR home next time.... if Iyla even allows this little friend through the door.

Here are a few shots of Big Sister from the past week:

 Ready for her last school day of the spring session!

 Friday morning breakfast at Kerby Lane Cafe. This kid hasn't been eating much at all for breakfast lately- she had 1 strawberry and maybe 1/2 a piece of bacon from that plate. I truly ate for 3 that morning!

 We met up with Cousin Heather & Sammy at the Aquarium

 New outdoor chalk! Super fun and super messy.

This morning was the first time Iyla has wanted to actually wear and keep ON a headband. I was dying from the cuteness and will be curious how long into the day this lasts.

In other hilarious toddler antics, we were finishing breakfast last week when Iyla hoisted herself up onto this kitchen stool and said to me: "Mama, I'm sneaking something. Don't look!" 
She really needs to work on her sneaking skills....


This is an exciting week on the nursery front, in that we are FINALLY going to furnish it! Over the weekend the guest room furniture was picked up, and today (TODAY!) the crib, dresser, and nightstands will be delivered and assembled. I cannot wait to see how it all looks.

Having furniture means I can now start washing and putting away baby clothes. I went through Iyla's baby stash last week and HOLY COW do we have a TON of clothes. I fear this little girl will never have anything new, as there is absolutely no reason to buy more clothes. 2nd kid/same sex problems.

I'm looking forward to finishing out the rest of the nursery space, as having the furniture in place will help me to better visualize what curtains, rug, and other decor will fit in there.

In my mind we are in the home stretch toward baby and I still have a lot of prep to do! To include:

*Finishing the nursery (rug, curtains, shelving, art, putting away clothes, organizing the closet)
*Sterilizing all bottle and pump parts
*Purchasing last needed items (a couple baby carriers, possibly this baby bassinet I've been lusting over for our room)
*Packing the hospital bag
*Putting into place the call list & plan for Iyla for when I go into labor
*Cooking & freezing meals
*Locating, cleaning, & installing the baby car seat

We are getting so excited to meet this little one!

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