Tuesday, May 24, 2016

31 Week Updates: Baby 2.0 (and Iyla's First Recital!)

How far along? 31 weeks today!

How big is baby? She feels like she's grown a lot in the last week. The movements- punches, kicks, rolls, & turns- are much more pronounced, and there have been several times when walking where I feel like she is going to fall out of me, due to moving waaaay down low. AND she is waaaay up high at times too, where I get short of breath. Lots of baby hiccups! The apps say she is about the size of a coconut now- around 16 inches long and over 3 pounds in weight.

How big is Mama? This week the "you're getting so big!" comments have continued. My weight came back up to closer to where it was 2 weeks ago, but is still less than it was at that weigh in (two weeks ago I was at 139.6, then last week dropped to 136.8, this morning I was up again to 139.2). So total weight gain at 31 weeks is 29.2 pounds.

 31 week belly

Sleep? I'm still falling asleep and mostly staying asleep OK, still waking very early. And oh how I need naps! Unfortunately having a 3.5 year old who no longer naps means my naps are reduced to the 2x/week when our nanny is here. This afternoon? I passed out for 1.5 hours! That is crazy considering I am normally a 20 minute napper.

Food cravings/aversions? I've gotten to the point where I am filling up faster due to limited stomach space, and depending on the meal sometimes getting instant heartburn. I've been loving cheeseburgers lately (decent healthier versions from local restaurants)...and ice cream is my favorite treat. Still a no-go on seafood.


*Oh the fatigue. Both Sunday and Monday I suddenly hit a HUGE wall after eating in the late afternoon/early evening, which saw me with strange symptoms of what felt like faintness, heartburn, heart palpitations, and overall physical exhaustion leading to an immediate need to lay down. And did I mention I napped for 1.5 hours today (thanks to our dear Nanny)?

*Hips have been a little better overall, though my amazing Myofascial lady is STILL OUT OF TOWN. Her one week vacation turned into three, and I am like a junkie who got a taste of the good stuff and need her back ASAP.

Big sister? My parents came to town for the weekend because Iyla had her first ever dance recital! It was amazingly cute, and she was SO excited for it. Her part in the recital was all of 1.5 minutes, and she did maaaybe 2-3 of the choreographed moves, mostly staring with wonder out at the audience for the duration of the performance (this was a HUGE real stage!). It was definitely one of my favorite Mama moments so far!

 Her "official" dance photo. Too much!

I bought Iyla two "Big Sister" books that we've started reading, and she appears fascinated! One of the two books goes into more detail about the pregnancy process itself and discusses how when baby gets too big for the uterus it descends into "the birth canal" to be born. Iyla stares at the picture on that page for SO long and now likes to play act that her animals are having babies and that the babies are in THE BIRTH CANAL. It's hilarious and adorable.

Most looking forward to? Our guest room furniture is likely getting moved out this coming weekend, which means I can put the GREEN LIGHT on the nursery furniture delivery! I'm looking forward to seeing how those pieces look and feel in the nursery, to better inform how the rest of the space will come together.

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