Tuesday, May 17, 2016

30 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 30 weeks today!

The big exciting news is that I PASSED MY 3 HOUR GLUCOSE TEST!! Thank God. Such a huge relief.

The process surrounding that test is intensive. Basically I couldn't have any food or drink after midnight the night before, and had to arrive at my clinic at 7:40am for an initial blood draw. Then I had to drink a sugar drink within 5-10 minutes and have THREE subsequent blood draws done on an hourly basis, not being able to eat or drink anything during that time.


The one nice thing was that my clinic treated me to a cozy private room for the duration of the test, where I set up camp and was able to get work done while being held hostage.

My private waiting room

 The "waiting for another blood draw" face

How big is baby? The baby apps estimate she is around 3 pounds now, gaining up to 1/2 a pound per week at this time. I suspect she has settled into a head down position (yay!), as I've been feeling daily rhythmic hiccups that are always waaaay down low. I can also tell her space is getting limited, as her movements are taking more of the form of body parts poking & undulating around my upper and mid belly. I'm also starting to feel the weird "flipping" movements where all of a sudden there is a BIG movement and a lot of pressure way down low in my lady parts.

How big is Mama? I was very surprised at my weigh-in this morning to see I was down THREE pounds from last week- for a total of 136.8. So weird! And of course I have a call into my doc's office to make sure this is normal and OK.

If you look closely you'll see we've painted the nursery-to-be! The walls are now "silver sage." Happy to have at least one step of that process complete.

Sleep? I'm falling asleep well, sleeping pretty soundly, but waking WAY earlier than I need to be (in the 6-6:30 range). I recall this happening in my pregnancy with Iyla too- so weird. I've also been getting quite beat by mid-day and if I can squeeze in a nap it is OH so luxurious and needed! However, it is extremely rare these days to get those nap times, due to a combination of my work schedule & Iyla vehemently resisting her "quiet time."

Food Cravings/Aversions? Not much different or notable here.


*Constipation is back with a vengeance. Curious if it has to do with the additional iron supplements I have started (due to low iron counts on a recent blood draw).

*More pressure down low (as I suspect baby has settled head down).

*Hair loss. Still getting large tangles of hair in my hands with each shower, and constantly picking hairs off my clothes.

*Same old same old with the sore hips/thighs. My lower back has also been getting quite sore by the end of the day, needing a lot of stretching out before bed.

Big sister?  Oh Iyla Gracie. She is definitely being very THREE lately (well, 3.5). Yesterday was an exhausting, hilarious example of this. To include:

*Monumental meltdown about having to do 'quiet time" I finally compromised (a term I'm working on with Iyla) and took her into my bed with me, telling her the rules were that she could play on her side of the bed as long as she stayed quiet and didn't bother Mama (I was going to attempt a nap). Two minutes in she was poking me and asking me questions and poking me some more.... definite FAIL of a compromise!

*When BC presented her with a new set of toy cars as a gift, she played with them for 2 minutes before announcing "I don't LIKE these! I want something ELSE!" 

*At dinner I cooked up a meal Iyla traditionally loves, complete with her beloved asparagus and corn on the cob. When I said it was dinner time she excitedly ran to the table, only to erupt into immediate sobs screaming "I don't want that! I want something else!" She screamed and fussed for about 15 minutes while BC and I attempted to eat. Finally I asked if she needed a hug and she said yes, calming in my arms. I then gave her the choice of going to play by herself (and not eating, though I KNEW she was hungry!) OR eating her dinner. She chose to play. Then on her own terms 20 minutes later returned to the table to happily eat the asparagus and corn (admittedly after a slight bribe from Papa saying he'd give her some cherries IF she ate some dinner). 

*At  bedtime another monumental meltdown due to our missing one of the new baby toys a friend had brought over (which Iyla promptly adopted as her own). It amazes me that with over 20 stuffed animals piled into her bed she still maintains a mental inventory of every.single.one.


I have a book on toddler discipline I think I need to dust off and actually read, as her limit testing and  tantrums are definitely giving us a run for our money lately.

3.5 year old FIEST!

Most looking forward to? Taking care of business, both personal and professional. The rest of this month until the end of  June look to be super busy on all fronts. I am multi tasking the very best I can toward hopefully taking a BIG BREATH come July- just in time for baby girl to make her arrival and shake things up again!

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