Thursday, December 22, 2016

5 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane- today you are 5 months old!

You continue to be a very even keeled, jolly little girl. Even when you are crying hard about something we can always pull you out of it quickly by meeting your eyes and talking to you. You only cry when you really want something or don't like something (like the car). You are VERY clear in your communication, and get mad if we don't respond accordingly! For example, at the chiropractor last week you decided to tell me you were hungry right when it was our turn to go in, and were none too pleased to have to wait. Though again, you got over it quickly as the chiropractor's assistant held you during our session. You appear to be social and are happy to have anyone hold you- as long as they adore and engage you!

Here are your official 5 month updates!

How big? We won't have another doctor appointment until next month, but when I weighed you unofficially on our home scale it looks like you are already 17 pounds! Crazy to me, as your big sister Iyla was only just over 11 pounds at the same age.

And for fun, Iyla at the same age with sweet Sam

Sleep? Still all over the place. This past month I've started putting you down for your first night 'nap' in your own room and crib to start getting you used to it. You'll usually sleep there from 7:30-8, then again from 8:15-8:45 (often nursing in between or needing a pacifier re-insertion). At that point I'll take you back into my room to your Rock n Play where you'll do a longer sleep stretch. On a good night that stretch is 4-6 hours long, with you nursing around 2-3am, then up again 1-3 more times in the wee hours. 

My LEAST favorite nights are when you awake and READY FOR THE DAY in the middle of the night, as I'll spend a good couple of hours rocking you and trying to lull you back to sleep. I also don't like the mornings where you are up and needing attention at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and then up for the day around 7-7:30. Those are SO hard. I am on the brink of starting your official sleep training this month. Nervous to do it, but I really want you to learn to self soothe back to sleep- a very important skill toward becoming a good sleeper!

Your naps are starting to have some predictability. You typically take a 30 minute nap about 2 hours after you wake for the day (around 9am). You then are ready for a LONG nap at 11am, and if I hold you through this one will sleep for around 2 hours! You love napping tummy to tummy with me and I have to admit it's pretty cozy and sweet for me too (though I obviously can't get anything else done during that time!) Then there are 1-2 more mini 30 minute naps in the late afternoon before a 7-7:30pm bedtime.

Eating? This past month you've been watching in earnest while I eat- following the food and drink from my plate to my mouth. Next month you get to start solid foods and I think you are ready! I suspect you will LOVE that. Right now you still nurse about every 2 hours by day. You get VERY MAD at my slower-to-express right breast and reject it completely by day. If I feed you first from the left you'll then tolerate the right, and in your sleepy state at night you'll take whatever side I give you.

How we do dinner

New skills?

*This month you have been on fire with your raspberry blowing! It's hilarious and definitely a great new party trick.

*You are able to rotate yourself in a clockwise fashion while laying on the floor. You'll kick your legs to your right, and slowly but surely turn to have new vantage points.

*You've been a bit more content in the car! If you are fed and in a good place I can get away with a 15-20 minute ride without crying. And if you are tired and ready for a nap you will often drift off without crying. We still do get crying jags on days with more car time, but overall this is a huge improvement.

*You love to grab your toes when lying on your back and are pretty darn good at it:


*The drool this past month has been off the charts, and you are quickly soaking through outfits. I'll occasionally put a bib on you, or just layer an extra sweater to help soak things up. This is coupled with your hands being CONSTANTLY in your mouth. I would normally think you were teething, but given your sister did this same thing and didn't get a tooth until FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD, I am not holding my breath for any actual teeth!

I love these bandana bibs on you

*You have a favorite little toy! This butterfly consistently delights you:

Other odds and ends:

*I often find you with your headbands having slipped down over your eyes. You never fuss about it which is hilarious to me- it seems you find it calming and entertaining, as you could stay that way indefinitely until I fix things!

*You continue to adore your big sister, and it was she who elicited your first round of belly laughs this past week while you two were in the bath.  I think you two are going to be good buddies.

*You love sitting in your Bumbo chair on our kitchen counter (always supervised!), and it is definitely one of your favorite stations:

You are such a doll baby, as evidenced here

*You are SO good at tummy time (loving it much more than your sister did at the same age) and this month discovered your reflection:

*I am so curious what color hair you are going to end up with. At this age Iyla had more hair than you, and it was also noticeably darker. You have very fair hairs coming in on your eyebrows and on the top of your head, and since both of your grandmothers were blond as well as your Papa having been blond as a kid- there is a good chance you could go that direction. Time will tell!

Your Papa around the same age

Iyla at the same age

How's Mama?

*The weight loss is still SLOW but steady- I am now 7.5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

*My hips continue to be messed up. All too often when I head out on a walk with you something in my groin or hips will pull, causing me to have to shorten the walk or walk OH SO SLOWLY and carefully. I am guessing that while I am breastfeeding this will continue to be the case, given the hormone relaxin is still going strong. It definitely makes exercise a challenge!

 Scenes from a walk hobble

 Iyla cannot get enough of you!

*My hair loss is ridiculous, with clumps coming out in the shower and hairs shedding onto me and in the house constantly. I am guessing some of my weight loss is due to that! ; )

*I have headaches pretty constantly- I think due to a combination of sleep deprivation and shoulder/neck tightness from holding you.

Here are a few more photos from your past month:

Your official photo shoot this month was the first where you were smiling nonstop! You are such a happy little spirit.

Iyla couldn't resist crashing your session:

We love you SO much sweet girl! Happy 5 months to you!

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