Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holidays 2016- Part 1

We've been having so much fun celebrating the Holiday season! At 4 years old, Iyla is at such a great age to really be excited about EVERYTHING having to do with Christmas.

The first stop on our Holiday extravaganza was meeting Santa Claus at our beloved Driskill Hotel. The girls were absolutely adorable in their fancy red dresses:

Iyla had some slight hesitation upon first approaching Santa, but warmed up quickly. When asked what she wanted this year, she replied: "another Rudolph stuffy (stuffed) toy!" She already has one, and I must say finding another that was DIFFERENT has been a creative challenge. On my 3rd attempt from I finally have what I hope will work for Christmas morning!

Eloise wasn't scared at all- just very fascinated by Santa, staring at him in awe between nibbling on her hands:

And the official photo with both girls- ha!

 Here Iyla was declaring "I love the Driskill!" Us too, sweet girl!

Then it was off to my company holiday party. Here, a shot of all the Juice Homes kiddos:

Iyla's school had a Holiday potluck lunch on their last day before break, and the kids got to put on a little show for the parents. It was adorable, and Iyla totally rocked the choreography! Here is a short snippet:

 It was also pajama day!

BC and I were able to get a luxurious date night out for a friend's wedding, while my Aunt Sheri and Uncle Vince watched the girls. I lasted all the way until 9pm! ; )

Then it was gingerbread house making time! As we began Iyla exclaimed to me: "I've never made a gingerbread house before!" (Um, yes you have sweet girl- this is your 3rd year! And possibly the first year where you might actually remember the experience).

There was much candy and frosting tasting going on as Iyla designed her house:

I got myself and the girls matching aprons this year for our Holiday cooking extravaganza. So cute!

Santa made some early stops at our house with his reindeer. Iyla has been having a blast "wrapping" her toys presents for us and delivering them with her Santa hat & trusty sidekick Sven:

And here, Santa's sleigh:

Then we were off for Christmas #1 in Houston! Happily both girls snoozed for most of the 2.5 hour drive there:

We took our traditional photos in front of Mimi and Grampy's fireplace. I LOVE this series with both girls- so adorable! You can get a glimpse of Eloise's jolly personality from the photos:

 "You're letting Iyla hold me ALL BY HERSELF?"

 And this is what happens when you ask your dad to take a family photo of you with your iPhone:

 Happily he did better with his own camera and sent me the photos!

 Being silly with his new cookware set

Family photo (minus the photographer, my dad):

And for dessert, chocolate pie bliss:

When we returned to town I ran a brief errand to the chiropractor, and Iyla promptly passed out in the backseat. She was happily exhausted from all of our adventures!

She then went to work on her computer:

 And headed out to a special dinner with her Papa:

While Eloise tried out the jumping seat I pulled out of storage:

Then it was time for our annual family trip to Austin's Trail of Lights! We lucked out with a gorgeous 60 degree day (after rescheduling our tickets from the previous Sunday's 20 some degree cold front!).

Not pictured: the fact that my groin/pubic muscle kept pulling severely during our walk, to the point where I finally had to get into the double stroller next to Iyla- Eloise still strapped to me- and BC had to push us all the mile or so walk back to the car. Oy.

In closing, I bring you Rudolph taking a snooze next to our bed (courtesy of Iyla Grace), getting his beauty sleep with my eye mask.

Rest up little guy- tomorrow's the BIG DAY!

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