Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

A little late in posting, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday in Houston- filled with lots of family time! This post will be largely a photo story of our time there.

Our first stop was 2 nights at Mimi and Grampy's house. Iyla always adores spending time there, complete with her custom Sofia bed & table, and Mimi and Grampy's 4 kitties (and flocks of outdoor ducks!)

Then it was off to Manvel, Texas- where we were having a big Lambert family reunion. This was the scene on route:

We were all hoping Iyla and her 4 year old cousin Maggie from Seattle would get along, and thankfully they hit it off immediately!

After initial meetings the younger cousins wasted no time in getting their dress up game on:

While Eloise got eaten by various family members:

And when matching pajamas were gifted that evening, Maggie and Iyla put on an impressive dance show for the family:

The sweet 3 girl cousins (in addition to 7 boys!):

Back at our hotel, Iyla delighted in the morning breakfasts, while Eloise got some naked time in due to her first ever diaper rash:

On Thanksgiving morning, the girls got decked out and photos were taken before departing to Aunt Julie and Uncle Ricco's house:

My sister in law Anna is a fantastic photographer, and brought along her fancy camera to document the family reunion.

 We had 5/7 of the Lambert siblings and their families together!

 I love how in this photo it is clear that BC and I now each have a mini me.

 My sweet Father and Mother in law

 The cousins! We were missing one (22 year old Corbin) but the rest of the gang had a blast over our 3 days together running around playing and causing mischief.

 True to her introverted self, Iyla was extra needy of Mama during this big multi day gathering, pulling me off to Aunt Julie's room for "a little rest." Not much rest was had, but we did get in some great snuggles and selfies.

Then it was time to feast! We had a kids table and a large adult table. Eloise provided an excellent centerpiece, per Lambert tradition:

A little down time for the cousins:

Then it was back to Austin, where Aunt Anna, Uncle Michael, and cousin Maggie stayed with us for another several days. Iyla and Maggie had SO much fun together! We all loved the time, and how lucky are we to have Anna's talents recording everything in beautiful photos?

 We had to take them to our beloved Launderette on the first night back to town!

Our hearts are full! Such a wonderful Holiday together.

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