Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blemishes and All

I awoke with a pimple today. And not just ANY pimple- this was a doozy that could in all seriousness win a Guinness Record. So I did what any self respecting girl would do- I picked, prodded, squeezed, & mutilated it into oblivion. Then buried the mutilation with 2 inches of makeup.

Feeling satisfied with my cover-up, I headed out to my chiropractic appointment. When the doc told me to start face-down, I panicked. Smush my perfectly covered face into that headrest? How could he ask such a thing? As I oh-so-slowly eased myself down, I tried to angle my blemish away so as not put any pressure on it. But with every CRACK of my back my face got totally smashed into the seat. When I sat up there was a nice beige pimple shaped shmear on the headrest paper, and there my blemish was- out winking & flirting with everyone around her.

To add insult to injury, the visit must have 'moved' some stuff around, b/c I got an ocular migraine immediately after leaving. As the disco lights started partying in my right eye, I took 2 niacin tablets-- one of the more effective 'holistic' remedies I've found. The unfortunate side effect of niacin (and why it is so effective) is that it causes one to "flush" as your capillaries expand.  So, as I walked into the local coffee shop for my lunch date, not only was my pimple on full red alert, but I had red itchy rashy blotches covering MY ENTIRE BODY. Sweet.

Which got me thinking. Many of us go through life trying to give off a certain impression of how we WANT to be seen. Flawless. Funny. Attractive. Talented. Witty. Successful. We go to endless lengths to preserve these personas.

But most of us, underneath it all, are just covered in blemishes.


  1. I've heard the phrase "warts and all," but "blemishes and all" conveys the same idea. I miss Dr. Ron!

  2. This just made me cry. You're right. But I love you and all your blemishes.