Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Bliss and a Princess Dress

What a lovely birthday I had yesterday. A run down of my day went like this (thankfully I had NO set appointments with work, so got to play for most of my day!):

*Rise & shine! Read through Facebook birthday messages (so much love!)
*9:45: breakfast date with my best friend at my favorite coffee shop
*11:30-1: cashed in on several of my birthday gift cards (thanks Mom & Dad!) First stop was Nordstrom Rack for a couple of cute sweaters (I can't believe I just discovered that store in the last year. AMAZING). Then off to Anthropologie where I fell in LOVE with this:

That tutu-esque bottom was pure magic and reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw's dress in the season finale of Sex and the City, which BC and I just happened to be watching the evening prior to my birthday:

And because I got 15% off for my birthday AND had 2 gift certificates to cash in, this dreamy princess dress was actually affordable. Score!

*1:30-2:30: used a LivingSocial coupon I'd gotten months back for a massage
*2:30-5:30: caught up on Facebook work emails
*6:30-8:30: dinner with BC at Wink restaurant, 5 course chef's dinner- such a treat!

                                                         Happy, happy girl at dinner

I was even gifted with a cool experience in dreamland to top off the day.  I had an out of body experience, where in my 'dream' I drifted through the walls of our bedroom out into the night sky. Above me I saw a beautiful angel outlined. She turned and handed a baby wrapped in a pink blanket to another woman next to her (sort of a caricature in the dream). It was my understanding that I was at once this angel AND this woman, and that the journey of this little one coming had begun.

The perfect ending to a perfect day. 

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