Sunday, November 6, 2011


Babycakes and I had a great trip to New Orleans- filled with Beignets, Hurricanes (the drinkable kind), gorgeous Victorian architecture, & 3 days of crazy Halloween festivities.

We caught plenty of music:

                                             Can you find us in this picture?

Saw many amazing costumes:

And had fun dressing up ourselves:

                                              Saturday night masquerade!

                           Halloween Night- seated at a 5 star restaurant 
                            (and the only ones there dressed up! Sweet.)

We both adore the energy of New Orleans- the people there are so incredibly friendly & energetic. Everywhere you turn there is a jazz band making amazing music, and the food in the city is unparalleled. It may be our last trip for awhile, as our upcoming fertility treatments will see us having to stick close to home for monitoring. It was a great trip, and I feel totally ready to now 'nest' for awhile in our beloved hometown.

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  1. I loved the pictures. New Orleans is somewhere that I've always wanted to go!!