Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great Q4 Floodgates of 2011

I probably average a good cry maybe once a quarter.... and last night marked my Q4 release. But more on that later....

Babycakes and I had an awesome day yesterday. He is such an amazing partner in crime, best friend, buddy, you name it! We started the day at our favorite coffee spot- Bouldin Creek Cafe. When our cappuccinos arrived, I was handed a milky floral design, while BC got a very special anarchy design:

Flowers for the lady, anarchy for the man!

It was a luxurious feeling day- NO SET PLANS! The world was our oyster. We opted to make the most of the gorgeous weather and headed out to Wimberley to hike. We found the most enchanted little hike right off of downtown at the Cypress Creek Nature Trail. There were VINE SWINGS!

Who doesn't love a good vine swing?

The Cypress Creek was VERY low on water (given our historic drought) but still lovely & spotted with turtles, birds, & fish.  Our short hike led us to one of Wimberley's beloved swimming spots- The Blue Hole. Even though we didn't swim, we did take full advantage of the soft, lush grass- taking off our shoes and lying on the natural blanket (there may also have been some handstands performed!)

BC communes with nature while I embarrass him with photos

We then set out to conquer Mount Baldy, the highest vantage point in the area. We had to hike up these stairs to get there- my legs are still SO sore from the ascent!

The Great Glute Workout 

The glory up top:

My schoolgirl crush on Wimberley grew even stronger this trip- I just want to pinch that town's cheeks! (Don't worry Austin- I still love you first and foremost, and will forever be your faithful cheerleader. But a girl can crush, no?)

We sang at the top of our lungs on the drive back into town, then decided that afternoon queso and margaritas (sorry Dr Vaughn!) were in order. Guero's perfection!

We opted for a movie night in, and ordered up "The Tree of Life" through Movies on Demand. And this is when The Great Q4 Floodgates of 2011 began. Dang. This movie is one of the most moving and amazing portraiture's of childhood, spirituality, & family interactions I've ever seen. It was filled with gorgeous imagery, camera work, editing, mood, music, etc. 

Although I am someone who tears up at the smallest of things (that's the empath in me), full out CRYING is another matter. I think the last documented cry I had was in August's Q3, also spurred by a movie. And that wasn't even a full out baring-one's-soul cry. The last time THAT kind of cry happened was last March when I learned of a friends' pregnancy, and BC later discovered me bawling in the bathtub. THAT cry was the one that spawned this entire blog.

I first lost it last night in the time sequence that started with this young family's pregnancy (shocker!) and progressed to show the most incredible shots of infancy & young childhood. I was full on weeping, and we were only about 30 minutes into the show.

I didn't stop crying the rest of the night.

On and off throughout the movie the tears came, and when the show ended, BC came over to embrace me, and the weeping came even harder. I asked him to leave for a little bit so I could really let it out (I get a bit embarrassed when I cry- I am not a cute dainty cryer, but rather a snotty, red faced one whose eyes tend to swell up like bee stings). There was apparently a deep well of sorrow in there that was just aching to be released, and release it I did.

Which brings me back to The Block referenced in this post.  Our friend who had telepathically described what the little one was saying regarding The Block mentioned scenes of my needing to be near water/nature, and of the little one throwing her arms up into the air (in response to the question "what is the block? How do we clear it?). Interestingly enough yesterday involved lots of water and nature (and yes, this absolutely centers me and is something I thirst for), and lots of arms-up-over-our-heads maneuvering (at the top of Mt. Baldy! During handstands!). Ironically during the movie there were also many scenes of arms reaching upward toward heaven, and indeed it was this movie that unleashed my floodgates. It was as if this day had been oh so strategically planned to provide me a deep, deep release.

I also heard back from Dr. Vaughn's office, and he still thinks waiting until next month to start injectables is the wisest choice, so I can be in town the entire time for any necessary monitoring. So now the game plan is to just relax and HAVE FUN in New Orleans, with some good old fashioned BDing to boot.

Sounds just lovely and just right to me. 

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