Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I had a super crappy day yesterday which involved about 57 puncture wounds.

It started with another BFN in the morning. The day prior when my acupuncturist had seen my BBT chart- she'd declared "you're pregnant!" I know you mean well lady, but really? Be a little more cautious about throwing those kind of comments out! When I told her I was getting BFNs on my pregnancy tests, she was all like "oooo. Huh." Confirming that YES- at this point I *should* be getting BFPs if indeed I was pregnant.

Anyway, on to the day. Allergy testing. I'd figured it was the last frontier I hadn't investigated as a potential link for my migraines, so I went for it. My understanding was that they kind of scratched your skin with lots of potential allergens to see if you have a reaction, which I discovered was *part* of the process. 28 painful scratches up and down my right arm later, I had some mild reactions to dust mites.

 I was all ready to rock n roll out of there when the nurse declared it was now time to do the needles. The WHAT? What needles? She said the 2nd step to the testing was to RE-DO ALL 28 ALLERGENS BY INSERTING NEEDLES FOR EACH UNDER MY SKIN.  At this point I wanted to run, I wanted to cry, I was screaming WTF in my head-- was this all for a very mild reaction to DUST MITES??? So I did what any wimp a**  adult would do- I squeezed my eyes shut, bit my finger, and endured 28 needle pricks. To confirm the mild allergy to dust mites.

Scenes from one of my favorite days ever

This was also the same day Dr. Vaughn's office wanted me to do a blood pregnancy test if my period hasn't yet arrived. It hadn't, though all my home tests were BFNs, and I suspected Dr. Vaughn had been spot on about predicting that progesterone can extend one's cycle and hint toward a false pregnancy.

I totally tried to get out of the blood draw. I was exhausted from the allergy testing, and already had wounds up and down both arms. But no, the nurse on the phone insisted they needed to see my progesterone levels, potential hCG levels, etc. F***.  I had 45 minutes before a noon "Lunch and Learn" real estate session I'd committed to, so I figured I'd get it over with.

And then I sat waiting, and waiting, and waiting at the lab clinic. 11:30. 11:45. 11:50- Crap! One of the things that stresses me out more than ANYTHING is being late. In fact, being ON TIME stresses me out, so I am always 10-15 minutes early everywhere I go. Seeing the clock at 11:50, knowing there were 3 draws ahead of me, I considered aborting all together and jumping ship, but I"d already been waiting THIS long- and did NOT want to have to come back only to wait again. Ugh. I texted my colleagues letting them know I'd be quite delayed.

12pm. 12:15. Finally at 12:20 the guy before me was called. And dude has the nerve to take TEN MINUTES arguing with the nurse about not having his insurance card on him! Yup. That kind of a day.

Finally, FINALLY it is my turn. I DREAD having blood taken. I am a total wimp about it. And then I had my favorite type of experience- where the nurse CANNOT FIND YOUR VEIN AND GET BLOOD. Seriously HOW does that happen? She poked 3x in my right arm digging around, and the pain that resulted caused me to blurt out a fair share of expletives. I was SO close to crying at this point. And basically said I thought we should forget it. I reluctantly allowed the nurse to try my other arm, and thank GOD- she quickly got in and the blood was flowing.

By then I was 40 minutes late to the Lunch and Learn and missed the lunch part (which I really needed after the morning I'd had!) I still can't believe I didn't burst out sobbing.

The cherry on top? The official call later in the afternoon from Dr. Vaughn's office to confirm that the blood draw came up negative for pregnancy. Shocker. Even though I KNEW it would be negative, it is extra awesome to have that confirmed officially by your doctor.

I allowed myself go to bed at 9:15 last night, b/c let's face it, this girl was completely-- literally and figuratively-- DRAINED.

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  1. Now that was a craptastic day. Glad you ended it early. I'm thinking about you.