Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just LOVE this quote. Babycakes often calls me out on being fear based at times with my decision making, and it is definitely something I try to identify & dissect in the moment.

One of the hardest things when you've been TTC for a long time is subscribing to what you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T be doing/eating/drinking/etc. Caffeine and alcohol are a great example. Western medicine pretty much has a strict "NO" policy with these items, often starting as soon as the TTC time frame and continuing throughout the pregnancy. I've found eastern medicine to be much more lax about those items. My acupuncturist recently even said caffeine has historically had a lot of medicinal uses, and the health benefits of red wine (in moderation of course) are well known.

My acupuncturist further said something that really resonated with me: that the Taoist philosophy in life is to "walk the middle road." To me, this meant to not go to extremes one way or the other. I am someone who is largely a "black or white" person & habitually based. If I find a new workout I love, THAT will be it! And I will start doing it as my only form of exercise. When I discover a new breakfast I like, I'll eat that same breakfast every morning for years. When we do detox cleansing I"ll often have the thought that I will NEVER drink again!! And then when evening wine comes back into my life, I can't imagine a time without it.

There are SO many books written for TTC, instructing women on what they should or shouldn't be doing. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility," "The Infertility Cure," & "Making Babies" are just a few hidden  gracing the shelves in my home.  They can actually lead a girl to madness. "Eat THIS to maximize conception!" "Definitely don't don't drink THAT or your chances will go WAY down!"

I know that ultimately, I need to trust my own inner voice & intuition regarding what feels good and right for my own body & journey. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a constant, daily struggle!

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