Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Picture is Worth....

I attended a metaphysical fair today- a place where there are many psychics, energy workers, stone experts, Reiki masters, etc. gathered into one place. I love that stuff! I knew there was a good chance the Aura photographer would also be there- I had gotten my aura picture taken about a year ago, and was curious to see what would come of it this time. The man who does these pictures has you sit on a seat and place your hands flat on two metal sensors. His info sheet states that "the blue hand plates work as sensors to pick up from your hands the chakra points of the body." These pictures can also show angels, guides, and other entities wanting to be seen.

As I sat down awaiting my photo, I relaxed and meditated, specifically calling in any little ones wanting to reveal themselves. I felt CRAZY amounts of energy all around me- almost like a thick fog had rolled in- and my eyelids started fluttering.

****Sidenote: the psychic woman I've often spoken to here in Austin, who has connected with a little one supposedly wanting to come to us, starting talking about twins when I first told her I was experimenting with Clomid. Apparently the little one (who she sensed was a girl) was VERY excited to get to bring in a "sister-friend" with her. ****

So coming back to today's event, as I meditated I invited this little one to reveal itself, along with the twin if that is what they wanted. And here's the picture that resulted (keep in mind the man taking the picture had NO idea what I was thinking about/calling in):

My head is in the center, in the dark purple area (if you look closely you can just make out the outlines of my face). Check out the lower left-- two VERY clear entities hanging out there. This totally blew my mind!

And here is an interesting link to aura color explanations:

I also visited with one of the psychics at the fair- and the FIRST thing she said to me, after I said I"d like to focus on her connecting to possible future children, was that she was getting "twins." And when she said it she got goosebumps, and she confirmed that the above aura picture was showing those two. In retrospect I wish I would have asked her if she was getting fraternal or identical, boys or girls. She did say that she felt fertility interventions would be necessary to get them here, and that she saw that they were very ready, I was ready, Babycakes was ready, but there were a few other items to work out before they would come. She seemed to think they'd be here by the end of next year, wintertime. Great in one sense to hear- but my active mind quickly did the conception math and that would mean we wouldn't conceive until early next year. So in a way, I hope she wasn't 100% right on that one... that would mean many months of getting poked (see previous entry on that here)!

Either way, it is always comforting to get that spiritual confirmation. We would be thrilled to welcome twins to the family- and today's events definitely lifted my "spirits!"

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