Thursday, October 13, 2011

Psychic Overload


You'll remember my post from the metaphysical fair, where I had my aura photographed? So you know by now how much of a sucker lover I am of the psychic/new age stuff.

My sister-in-law recently was RAVING to me about a woman she'd had a reading with- claiming that this lady was THE REAL DEAL.  So being the nerd I am, I booked an appointment with THE REAL DEAL (TRD).  I guess there is part of me really looking for confirmation on the future from these folks- and I have more and more trust in their ability to 'see' beyond when more than one person 'sees' the same things.

My session with TRD started with her putting down the phone & psychically "coming over to me" to read me (she is in California) and see what my spiritual soul level self wanted to share with her. When she came back, she said I had showed her several beautiful scenes- with gorgeous outdoor areas & architecture. Then she asked "are you young?" I said "not really- about to be 36." She asked if I already had children-- I said no-- then she asked if I WANTED children, to which I said yes! She breathed "oh GOOD!" and continued by saying: "you brought me to a scene where I was among soccer moms with you, and there was an athletic child playing. You were showing me that this was coming."


When I  inquired further about the whole children thing, she said she saw two, and that they were hanging out very close to me. She felt I'd be pregnant within 3 months, having a child within a year (the metaphysical fair lady said something VERY similar with time lines- and a Taro Card reading I'd had in NYC on a whim ALSO indicated a child within a year. OooooooooOOOoooooo).

TRD said she was getting that the first child was a boy (from the soccer field scene), and then she paused and said "Wait- I see in a year a bundle with a PINK blanket being handed to you." So basically, a girl then a boy. She didn't sense the twin thing- though when I emailed her that crazy aura photo she agreed it DID look like 2 embryos. So I figure they *might* jump in together, and otherwise, TRD did say she saw the 2nd coming very soon after the 1st.

Other notable things from the reading:

*She asked at one point if I knew I was psychic? I sheepishly answered I thought so, though I don't "see" or clearly "hear" things- I more "feel" energy and have really strong instincts toward helping/counseling people, etc.  She said that I was "clairsentient"-- which is something I've been told before and do know as truth. She said I was often more fatigued than average people, given this sensitivity to picking up others' energy and emotions (so true! All these months I thought I might have pregnancy fatigue-- nope! Just clairsentience!) I am definitely someone people come to to "unload" and share with, and at times it can really drain me. I am trying to learn how to be better about that so I can be fully present to help and NOT get exhausted.

*TRD said I was a healer as well, and my soul self had told her I came into this life to help shepperd people to their own safety. That I was someone who felt at my BEST when inspired and inspiring others. She said I will come more fully into my psychic gifts at age 41 (take note! Check in with me in 5 years. Maybe I'll predict you're about to call!)

I've got to say, I felt really excited after the session. Inspired and hopeful.

And then later that day we had a visit from our homes' architect, whom we both adore. She too is VERY intuitive, and I knew she was psychic as well, though I didn't know to what extent. While sipping red wine together & telling her about my session, I casually asked if she was getting any "hits" from future children. And then she actively started reporting what she was hearing (so fascinating). She said there was a strong kiddo coming through (likely the girl) who was SO ready to come! And then she said this little one was saying I was blocked.




How how HOW can everything that brought me up in the day's session come crashing down with those little words? I felt so frustrated in that moment. I also had the thought that if there WAS this being out there SO ready to come to us, who was in spirit (so all powerful/all knowing) why wouldn't SHE help me get unblocked? Why is it SO hard to really trust & believe the good (like everything from TRD) and so easy to get knocked down and dwell on the negative? Argh.

In other updates, I head to Dr Vaughn's tomorrow for my "baseline" exam, and have my first injectables pack being overnighted as we speak!  I had thought an October 28th trip we've planned to New Orleans might interfere with our starting injectables this month, but Dr Vaughn feels he can get everything rolling in time. He'll just have to expedite the blowing up of my follicles--we've got about 13-14 days to get those suckers juicy & dually inseminated before sending me off to be extra easy The Big Easy. The little one didn't come in with New York City's trip- so maybe she is more of a New Orleans kind of gal? We'll soon find out!

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