Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poked and Prodded

We leave for Kansas tomorrow, so I have a jam packed day today filled with needed appointments before leaving town. The itinerary:
8:30am: Blood Draw

My arms are beginning to look like bruised battle fields- this being the 4th draw I've had in a week. So happy that my new fav nurse was there, but sadly "my vein moved" as she was poking, so oh what fun that was! Needing CD 3 draw for insurance along with my HCG. Dr. Vaughn won't let me do injectables this cycle unless that HCG is at least 5 or below. This crazy bleeding/cramping/clotting I've had for 3 days now should hopefully be indication that levels have gone down.

9: Mystic Tan (ok, maybe this wasn't a "needed appointment," but I do know that I won't be allowed to do this once officially pregnant, so I figured I'd get in one last fake glow before the Holiday season).

9:30-10:45: Work/breakfast at local coffee shop

11-12: Acupuncture Poking

12-1: Work/lunch 

1:30-2:30: Therapy Prodding (this week's events should make for an excitement packed session!)

3:15: Appointment with Dr. Vaughn to poke and prod my lady parts and *hopefully* be given the OK to start my Gonal-F tonight

4pm: Checking in to see if Cristy might be available to psychically prod the little ones about this cycle

6-9: Movie date night with BC at our favorite Alamo Theatre

Then we pack up for our morning departure to Kansas. I am so excited to see all of BC's family- including 5 of his 6 siblings (no joke) who will be making the journey home! Tomorrow night we have our "siblings dinner" out, where just 'the kids' head out on the town. Then it is full speed ahead to celebrate Christmas at BC's childhood house with home cooked meals, lots of laughter, and many rounds of dominos. Yee-ha!

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