Monday, June 4, 2012

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks

How big is baby? The baby is now the size of an apple- about 4 inches long and weighing 2 1/2 ounces.

Behold, the 15 week belly!

Total weight gain: I was up 2 pounds as of the weekend- likely due at least partially to the fact that I am quite constipated again. : (

Sleep: Good, as long as I get to bed at a reasonable hour!

Food cravings: Melted cheese. This has been around since the beginning of the pregnancy & still reigns strong. Also loving tomatoes- tomato salads, fresh tomatoes, etc (but NOT tomato sauce/salsa).

Food aversions: None this week

Symptoms? My left glute cheek still feels pulled every now and again. I am also waiting patiently for all this 2nd trimester energy I hear about? Hasn't hit me yet- I still feel just as tired as always, slipping away most days for a 20 minute nap. My boobs continue to be sore, and my right armpit continues to itch.

Most looking forward to: My June 14th doctor check up. Sadly there won't be any ultrasound this visit, but I will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat & just make sure that everything is progressing well.

I had a really weird dream last night where I was on a small airplane and couldn't find another breathing soul on the flight. I searched & searched, but all I found was a woman's unconscious body lying in a contraption that can best be described as something like in the Avatar movie- where folks slept as they became their Avatars. I wondered about this lady, and was drawn to a computer screen that prompted me to put in a password. I intuitively knew to plug in the name of our future child (girl's name). Then another screen took photos of a few of my facial features & asked me to choose brown/green eyes or blue eyes. I chose blue. At that moment I understood that the woman was our future daughter- in her grown up body- incubating & making the journey to us. Strange and fascinating!

In other updates, we pulled off an awesome surprise this past weekend for BC's sister Julie's 40th birthday. She knew BC and I would be coming into town (Houston) Saturday to help celebrate. What she didn't know was that another sister- Christie- had flown into Austin & was driving up with us. When we arrived to her house, we greeted her, her husband, & our adorable nephew Miles. Then we told her we needed some help getting her present out of the back of our car.  Christie jumped out from beneath a pile of blankets & definitely aged Julie another several years! It was a huge success, and we all had a great celebration together.

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  1. You are just 4 days behind me! I'll be 16 weeks on Friday. I also have an OB appt on June 14. I, too am waiting for the energy people say I'm supposed to get back..